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Dolly Parton - Heartbreak Express (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (1055) on 8/8/10
Month Views: 773 | Total Views: 8,536
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Heartbreak Express
Written & recorded by Dolly Parton
Album: Heartbreak Express (1982)

(Capo on 1)

Intro.:  | (C) (Am) | (Dm) (G) | (C) (G) | (C)

Packin' my (C)suitcase writin' a (F)tear stained good-bye (C)note
Sayin' so (Am)long to a love gone (G)wrong and that's all she (C)wrote
Leavin' behind what once was (F)mine with sad re-(C)grets (E)
(Am) But it's (F)all gone (C)now and I'm (Am)leavin' (Dm)town
On the (G)Heartbreak (C)Express (F) (C)

Walkin in the (C)rain with a heart full of (F)pain to the train de-(C)pot
The only (Am)things that's gonna keep me warm (G)now is my over-(C)coat
Lost and (Dm)lonely waitin' in (F)line at the ticket (C)desk (E)
(Am) Hey (F)mister, won't you (C)give me a (Am)one-way (Dm)ticket
On the (G)Heartbreak (C)Express (F) (C)

I'm gonna (F)roll on down the (C)line
I'm gonna (Dm)go so far I'm gonna get it off my (G)mind
It hurts to (F)know it ain't enough when you give your (C)best (E)
(Am) Got a (F)ticket to (C)ride and I'm (Am)leavin' to-(Dm)night
On the (G)Heartbreak (C)Express (F) (C)

Inst.:  | (C)  | (F)  | (C)  | (C)  | (Dm)  | (G)  | (C)  | (C)  |
        | (C)  | (F)  | (C) (E) | (Am) (F) | (C) (Am) | (Dm) (G) | (C) (F) | (C)

Oh I couldn't hold a (C)candle to a flamin' (F)beauty that caught his (C)eye
It's killin' me (Am)now but I won't stay a-(G)round and let him watch me (C)die
Oh, it just goes to show you never do (F)know 'cause I never would'a (C)guessed (E)
(Am) I'd be (F)sittin' here (C)now on a (Am)train sorrow (Dm)bound
Called the (G)Heartbreak (C)Express (F) (C)

I'm gonna (F)roll on down the (C)line
I'm gonna (Dm)go so far I'm gonna get it off mt (G)mind
Maybe (F)someday somewhere someway I will for-(C)get (E)
(Am) But there's (F)no goin' (C)back so (Am)roll down the (Dm)track
You ole (G)Heartbreak (C)Express (F) (C)

(F)Feelin' a-(C)lone while a (Am)low whistle (Dm)moans
On the (G)Heartbreak (C)Express (F) (C)

(F)Roll on , roll on down the (C)line, (Dm) gonna (G)get it off my mind
(F)Roll on,roll on roll on down the (C)line (E)
(Am) Got a (F)tiket to (C)ride so I'm (Am)leavin' tonight (Dm)
On the (G)Heartbreak (C)Express
Roll on, roll on ,roll ----- to fade
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