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Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner - Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark (Chord)
Submitter: GMWNS (8) on 7/24/06
Month Views: 369 | Total Views: 4,138
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    C           G7             C         G7
Her two little feet would come running into
    F          G7         C     G7
our bedroom almost every night.
    C            G7            C            G7
Her soft little face would be wet from her tears
        F            G7             C      G7
and her little heart pounding with fright.
      C            G7                C          G7
She''d hold out her arms, then she''d climb in beside us,
        F                 G7         C
in her small voice, we''d hear her remark,
  F                    C
Mommie and Daddy, can I sleep here with you
        G7                     C      G7
''cause Jeannie''s afraid of the dark.
     C          G7      C            G7
One day in the summer, we took some flowers
    F            G7          C      G7
to place on some old family graves.
C               G7              C           G7
Jeannie said, Mommy, ain''t it dark in the ground,
     F         G7      C      G7
oh, Daddy, I''d be so afraid.
C                G7        C        G7
Then she looked up at her daddy and me
          F              G7             C
and said somethin'' that broke both our hearts.
    F                         C
She said, When I die, please don''t bury me,
        G7                     C
''cause Jeannie''s afraid of the dark.

(Change to key of D)
(Spoken by Porter while Dolly hums in the background)

Jeannie was always afraid of the dark
and we never could understand why.
''Cause we looked after Jeannie with the very best of care
Because Jeannie was our only child.
Perhaps it was death that she was so afraid of,
''cause it took her one dark stormy night.
I think we always knew that we''d never see Jeannie grown,
''cause it seemed she was destined to die.
But on Jeannie''s grave, we placed an eternal flame
that glows and never loses its spark.
And on the darkest night, there''s always a light,
''cause Jeannie''s afraid of the dark.

(Sung by Dolly)
     A7                      D
Our Jeannie''s afraid of the dark 
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