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Doug Moreland - 10 Beers From Now (Chord)
Submitter: texasfender (0) on 3/5/04 1 comment
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Doug Moreland
10 Beers From Now
Bartender, let me tell ya a story it starts like this
It was in this bar a year ago I guess
C                            G      
A cocky Texas boy from Abilene
     D                 C               G
Yeah in walked this woman Ive never seen
Yeah she was sittin right over there
With her black roots showin through her bleached blond hair
C                                              G                                 
And I walked up and did something I shouldn’t done 
       D                    C                G
I opened my mouth when I shoulda turned and run

                   G             C
     I said if youre looking, im thinking
        G                C
     Youd look better if I was drinkin
     G                                  D
     Alcohol impairs my judgement some how
            G                  C
     When I drink I stick my foot in my mouth
      G                 C
     Hope I don’t say this out loud
     But I bet ya looked good twenty pounds ago
              D                        G
     Or even better, ten beers from now

Well she reached up and she gave me a slap
Then she sat back and started to laugh
       C                                G
As I fell over a chair and I hit the floor
       D                        C                  G
Yeah I was crawling back sayin baby don’t want no more


She said, you shouldn’t talk about no one else
You aint much of  a prize yourself
C                                   G
Slim fast hasn’t done a thing for you
         D                 C                     G
Boy ive bet you’ve bitten off more than you can chew
    She said if youre looking…….

Yeah soon we discovered
Though we weren’t attracted to eachother
Alcohol is a wonderful thing
            D                D7
And we became inebriated lovers
              G                     C
   And we were looking and we were thinking
       G                   C
   Wed both look better if we were drinkin…………

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
i love this song, i'm glad to see it on here. i've been looking for some doug tabs and these sound pretty good.
p.s. if you ever get a chance to see him live, go cause it's worth it.
-koreyanthony | 12/28/2004
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