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Doug Stone - Sometimes I Forget (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (103) on 1/14/03
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 4,084
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Doug Stone

Key of D


(A) Sometimes I for(D)get (D/F#) (G)
And (A) reach across (D) the bed (D/F#) (G)
In that (A) early morning (D) light (D/F#) (G)
You're (D/F#) in my (Em) arms again (A)
When I'm only half a(D)wake (D/F#) (G)
I (A) softly call your (Bm) name (Bm/A) (G)
For a (G/F#) moment, you're (Em) with me
And (D/F#) I can still be(G)lieve
It will (A) always be this (D) way (D/F#) (G)

And, (A) sometimes I for(D)get (D/F#) (G)
In the (A) middle of the (D) day (D/F#) (G)
(A) Lost in my rou(D)tine (D/F#) (G)
For a(G/F#)while, I'm (Em) ok (A)
I might laugh and car(D)ry on (D/F#) (G)
While I'm (A) talkin' with a (Bm) friend (Bm/A) (G)
Like (G/F#) everything's not (Em) wrong
Like (D/F#) you're not really (G) gone
(A) Sometimes I (D) forget

(G) All at once the truth comes rushin' (D) back at me
I re(G)member I'm barely hanging (D) on
It takes (Bm) all the strength I have
(G) Just to make it past (G/F#) (Em)
One more hour on my (A) own

Sometimes I for(D)get (D/F#) (G)
That's (A) how I'd like to (Bm) stay (Bm/A) (G) 
For a (G/F#) moment (Em) I can feel
The (D/F#) way I used to (G) feel
Be(A)fore you went a(D)way

(A) Sometimes I for(D)get 
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