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Doug Supernaw - 21 To 17 (Chord)
Submitter: guitarman1011 (0) on 5/6/02 2 comments
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by Doug Supernaw
Tabbed by Terry Fouty
Capo 1st Fret to match Recording!

"Sorry, I put this tab up when I first started playing.  But it's pretty close now!"

Intro:  D  A-Bm  G  A   (x2)

(D)The game was tied at (A)seven all(Bm)
(G)she said lets take a walk(A)
(D)found a place (A)behind the (Bm)stands
(G)she said we need to talk(A)
she (G)went on and on bout this (A)town being small
and (D)how she needed other things(A)
(D)just about when they made it (A)seven to (Bm)ten
(G)she gave me (A)back my (D)ring

(D)Cheers went up and (A)she broke (Bm)down
(G)she said it isn't you(A)
(D)I think you know how (A)I really (Bm)feel 
(G)but there's things I need to (A)do
she said (G)something about some (A)school down south
(D)where she was gonna go next (A)fall
(D)fourteen to ten we were (A)winning (Bm)again
(G)while I was (A)loosin it (D)all

(G)She looked at me with (A)tear-filled eyes
and (D)said I hope you (A)realize
(G)that this is not the (A)way that I 
(Bm)meant for it to (A)end
(G)and suddenly the (A)crowd broke through
yellin (D)we've got spirit, (A)how bout you
(G)and all that I could (A)think to do was 
(Bm)simply join (A)in(Em) 

(D)She said its best if we (A)do this (Bm)now
(G)then it began to rain(A)
(D)I wasn't sure if (A)I was (Bm)shakin
(G)from the cold or the (A)pain
(G)she turned away then (A)she stopped to say
she (D)really hoped I understood(A)
I (D)nodded my head as the (A)loudspeaker (Bm)said
(G)the kick is (A)up and (D)good

(G)I waited till she (A)walked back in
then (D)turned my back in (A)to the wind
(G)before I let the (A)tears begin to 
(Bm)fall with the (A)rain(Bm)
(G)I made it back in (A)time to see 
(D)Jason throw to (A)Bobby Lee
(G)and make homecoming (A)history 
with a (Bm)ninety yard (A)gain(Bm)

(D)Now theres a banner (A)hangin (Bm)down 
(G)from the stadium wall(A)
(D)reminding every (A)body (Bm)of 
(G)the year we won it all(A)
and (G)though I was at every (A)game I swear 
(D)one remains a memory(A)
it was (D)twenty-one to (A)seventeen (Bm)when 
(G)time ran (A)out on (D)me

It was (D)twenty-one to (A)seventeen (Bm)when 
(G)time ran (A)out on (D)me 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
if you capo the 1st fret, some parts sound close enough. for the most though, it needs some refining. good effort though, so thanks for that.
-nobody1123 | 10/4/2005
Still needs some work...if you'd like my suggestions, give me a holler. I was just listening to this song and playing along and decided to see if it was tabbed...
-lmofle | 7/6/2012
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