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Drive-By Truckers - Ghost To Most (Chord)
Submitter: deereman82 (17) on 5/21/08 2 comments
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Drive-by Truckers - Ghost To Most

Tune down one full step

Cadd9                     G         
I guess I'll never grow a sideburn
       D                             Em      
It's a shame with all I've got to go between
   Cadd9                       G          
I hope somebody's cause takes soon
            D                               Em           
It's gettin hard to find a place a root can sink

Mama said alot of things and be thankful was
The one she never minded sayin twice
Thanks to her I can think clear enough
To be thankful that she died before tonight

G                      Am          
Baby every bone in my bodys gone to jumpin
             C                     G
Like they're gonna come through my skin
              G                     C                         
If they could get along without the rest of me
                      D           C
it wouldn't matter if they did
      G                      Am              
Cause skeletons ain't got nowhere to keep their money
C                          G  
Nobody makes britches that size
    G                         C                                D                    Cadd9
And besides you're a ghost to most before they notice that you ever had a hair or a hide

Savin everybody takes a man on a mission
With a swagger that can set the world at ease
Some beleive it's God's own hand on the trigger
And the other dumpin water in the streets

Talkin tough is easy when it's other peoples evil
And you're judging what they do or don't believe
Seems to me you'd have to have a hole in your own
To point a finger at somebody elses sheet


Am                    Bm
I don't know how much good it does a man
To keep on tellin him how good it is he's free
F                 C
Free to wash his ghost down the drain
And free for them to tell him there's no such a thing

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
On all the recordings I've heard the song is in the key of F or you can put a capo on the 3rd fret and play the key of D not saying yours is wrong just a different way of playing it thanks.
-Alrednck | 8/21/2008
No Problem, If you tune down your guitar 1 full step and Play the chords I have you will get it in the Key of F. It's the way DBT does it, like most of their songs. What's great about guitar is there is no wrong way, if it sounds good go for it.
-deereman82 | 8/22/2008
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