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Drive-By Truckers - Guitar Man Upstairs (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (401) on 3/5/05
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Guitar Man Upstairs 
By Drive-by Truckers
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

                           G      C                   G 
I think I'm gonna call the police, I hear something upstairs
      G                                      A7               D  
And I know good and well there ain't nothing good going on up there
C                                                 G     C
There's probably ten or more of them sittin' all around
G                      D                         G 
Smokin' that stuff and drinkin' that hard liquor down

                         G    C                   G
I've been living in this city since the day I was born
         G                                    A7                  D
And I've seen good times come and go and I've seen bad times drag on
C                                         G                 C
I've seen white and black folks alike get treated just like sin
          G                  D                 C                  G 
And every year or so I see a new truck load of white trash movin' in

C                                 G
When I was sixteen I had a little trouble with the law
         G                                     A7                 D
He said "Boy come here" I said "Boy yourself I ain't done nothing wrong"
C                               G              C       
He grabbed me by the arm and he went upside my head
  G                      D                          C                     G
Nobody saw nothing but I got a little spot where my hair ain't grown back yet


                    G    C                  G
I used to have me a woman and a pretty fine home
       G                                          A7             D
But it took so much to keep them both going I was always out and gone
C                            G                G
I came home one afternoon to get me change of clothes
         G                             D             C                   G 
Caught a quick walkin', slick talkin', guitar picker headin' out my back door

C                                  G
Now I'm proud to say I ain't never been no violent man
        G                                    A7                 D   
But I'd sure be rotting in jail today if I'd had me a gun in my hand
  C                                                         G                   C 
I went inside and threw her clothes on the floor and laid a suitcase across the bed
      G                     C                       C                     G 
Not a word got spoke, not a lick got throwed and my woman ain't come back yet


                   G        C                      G
Now I live in this building with the punks and the freaks
      G                                     A7                   D
And I don't do much of nothing except go to work, come home, and drink
   C                              G                   C
So guitar man you done picked the wrong damn place to stay
      G                                    C                 C             G
I'm a feeble old man, you're a young smart-ass and there's a lawman on his way
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