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Drive-By Truckers - Loaded Gun In The Closet (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (24) on 12/10/05
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Loaded Gun In The Closet 
By Drive-by Truckers
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

I know DBT tunes down but I always try to make it fit a standard tuning which requires a capo and 
it's not going to give you an exact sound. If you tune down 1 whole step and play this in D, you 
will be able to get the sound the mp3 has.

          C                                                       C7
He kept a loaded gun in the closet and another one in the dresser drawer 
        F                                                   C
Just in case the one in the closet didn't make a big enough hole
            C                                                            C7                 F
She had his breakfast ready every morning and his lunch in a box sitting out by the kitchen door
           G                         F                  G                              F
She'd make sure he had everything he needed and hug his neck and tell him how much she loved him 
and it was beautiful, you should have seen it
           C                                              C7   
Then she'd make herself a pot of coffee, just the way she liked it 
        F                                          C
And sit down and enjoy the quiet of the house all alone 
   G        F              G                    F                              C
By two-o-clock or so every afternoon, the quiet would start getting to her and she'd watch 
the clock until he came back home. 

             F                  G
And she understood just what he needed 
        F               C
when he came home every evening 
       Am                              F                         C
Just a couple of beers and a couple of minutes to cuss about his day
         F                  G
So she'd fix him a nice hot supper 
while he ranted and raved about one thing or the other
        Am                                    G                           F 
And she never once told him what he was going on about didn't add up to a thing. 
        G                             F
And she never touched that gun in the closet. 
       G                                    F
It was his and it was there just because he wanted it to be. 
           G                                            F                     C 
She didn't get out much, so she never knew just what it was that made him so afraid


     C                                                                                    C7
Most women today would say she was a disgrace, most men would say she wasn't much to look at
           F                                                                 C      
And they'd all would say she'd be a lot better off if she cared a little bit more about what they all think
She could have a life of her own if she had a little pride, 
                    C7              F
some silicone implants and another man on the side 
                G                 F   
But she's got a loaded gun in the closet. 
         G                 F  
And it's there anytime she wants it. 
        G                F                                              C
And her one and only man knows it and that's why he put it there in the first place
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