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Drive-By Truckers - One Of These Days (Chord)
Submitter: darcylandry (1) on 2/2/07
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One Of These Days 
Drive-By Truckers
ALBUM: Pizza Deliverence

Tune down 1/2 step

INTRO: C,G,D,Em x2

C          G              D            Em
If I had a dime for every time I heard my old man say
C                              G
One of these days
G             D           Em
I wouldn't be like my old man today
C            G                D
Talking bout places that he'd been
            Em                       C             G
Back in his younger days that he was gonna go back to again
D                   Em
One of these days

Dropped out of school when he was just sixteen
Fell right in to a tire plant
Building the very things that make the asphalt sing
And put Alabama far behind you
I remember him saying that Chicago was a hell right here on earth
And twenty five years later I was saying the same thing about Memphis

It's no wonder everybodies scared of downtown Birmingham
It's just a little too close to home
But there's more crooks down here and the cops don't care,
While old white men wearing ties can do anything they want.
Once a country boy's seen the way the steam rises
Off a man's insides on the sidewalk
Tends to change the way he thinks, the way he sees everything
And he goes back to where he came from

BREAK:C,G,D,Em x3  C,G,D

             G    D            C            G
One of these days when my face looks like a roadmap 
G/F  Em               D   C
Gonna find my way back home 
G           D              C               G
And I'll go walking on the west side after dark
    G/F     Em            D  C
And leave my gun locked in my car
             C                    D              Em
One of these days you'll take one look at me and run
             C                    D              Em
One of these days you'll take one look at me and run

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