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Dwight Yoakam - An Exception To The Rule (Chord)
Album: Population Me (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (244) on 9/11/03 1 comment
Month Views: 15 | Total Views: 5,183
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An Exception To The Rule
By Dwight Yoakam

G  Cadd9  G   Cadd9

Cadd9 - X32033

G                     Cadd9
Soft clouds all drift away
           G              Cadd9
And bright sunshine never stays
     G               Cadd9           D
Warm afternoons turn rainy, dark and cruel
           G                  Cadd9
A candle's glowing light will die
 `         G            Cadd9
The purest voices often lie
         G                                     D
and with love I've found that all the same are true

     C                    D
Even though I should know better
        G        G/F#  Em
I guess we could maybe try
      C              D              G
There is the risk of looking like a fool
              C           D
Aww, but I've got a lucky feeling
       G            D/F#   Em
Just a hunch, don't ask me why
    C                            D
You might be an exception to the rule

Sweet dreams can't be recalled
High hopes collapse and fall
As the sky keeps turning sadder shades of blue
The strongest promise finally breaks
And only leads to bigger aches
Are lessons that I learned at sorrow's school


Soft clouds all drift away
and bright sunshine never stays
but you might be an exception to the rule
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Thanks for filling this request.
-Isacc | 9/15/2003
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