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Easton Corbin - A Thing For You (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (384) on 10/18/12
Month Views: 19 | Total Views: 11,507
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A Thing For You
Written by Easton Corbin, Carson Chamberlain & Tony Lane
Recorded by Easton Corbin
Album: All Over The Road (2012)

(Capo on 4)

Intro.:  (D) x 8 bars

(D)Old stars fall to the ground, (G)floors are flat and the moon is round
(D)Grass is green and skies are (Bm)blue, and girl, (Em) I got a (A)thing for (D)you

Old (D) trucks rattle down gravel roads, (G)rivers wind and the north wind blows
Rain-(D)-drops fall on old tin (Bm)roofs, and girl, (Em) I got a (A)thing for (D)you

(G)Dreamers dream and wishers wish, (D/F#)talkers talk and fishers fish
(Em)Sunset's in the west each day, don't (G)ask me why it (A)goes that way

Old (D)cowboys ain't got much to say, (G)Christmas comes on Christmas day
And I (D) guess what I'm gettin' in-(Bm)to is girl, (Em) I got a (A)thing for (D)you

(G)Farmers farm and painters paint, (D/F#)God is good and the devil ain't
(Em)Summer's hot and sidewalks crack, don't (G)ask me why it (A)goes like that

Inst.:  ||(D) / / / |(D) / / / |(D) / / / |(D) / / / |(G) / / / |(G) / / / |(G) / / / |(G) / / / ||
        ||(D) / / / |(D)/ / (Bm) / |(F#m) / / / |(G)(F#m)(Em) / |(Bm) / (A) / |(D) / / / |(D) / /

Now (D)slide on over next to me, let me (G)kiss those pretty red lips so sweet
And (D)get lost in your eyes of (Bm)blue, 'cause (Em)girl, I got a (A)thing for (D)you

When it (D)comes to you girl I'm a (Bm) fool, 'cause (Em)I got a (A)thing for (D)you

Outro.:  |(D) / / / |(D) / / / |(Bm/F#) / (Bm) / |(Em/B) / (Em) / |(A/E) / (A) / |(D) -----
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