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Eric Church - Like A Wrecking Ball (Chord)
Album: The Outsiders (2014)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (415) on 2/13/14
Month Views: 254 | Total Views: 236,341
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Like A Wrecking Ball
Written by Eric Church & Casey Beathard
Recorded by Eric Church

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(C)(Am)|(F)(G)| x 2

(C)I, I been (Am)gone I been (F)gone too long (G)singing my songs on the (C)road
Another (Am)town (F)one more show and (G)I'm coming home
(Am) Don't give a damn what these (F)keys I hold, (Am) I'm gonna knock down (G)that front door, and

(F) I'm a find out (G)what that house is (C)made of
(F) It's been too many (G)nights since its felt us (C)make love
(F) I wanna rock some (G)Sheetrock, knock some (Am)pictures (G)off the (F)wall
Love you (G)baby, like a wrecking ball

Solo:  |(C)(Em)|(Bb)(F)|

(C)You, look at you, (Am) send me (F)one more shot (G)sitting on a bathroom sink
(C) Damn (Am)you really (F)turn me on (G)painting your toenails pink
(Am) Easy baby before (F)you say, (Am) but if I can make it just (G)one more day

And (F) That old (G)house is gonna be (C)shaking
(F) I hope those (G)bricks and boards can (C)take it
(F) But I won't (G)be surprised if the (Am)whole damn (G)place just (F)falls
I'm gonna rock you, (G)baby, like a wrecking ball

Solo:  |(Em)(Bb)|(F)(C)|(Em)(Bb)|(F)(G)|

(F) And that old (G)house is gonna be (C)shaking
(F) Rafter and (G)rocking foundation (C)quaking
(F) Crash right through the (G)front door, back you (Am)up a-(G)gainst the (F)wall
Love you, baby, (G) (Am) take it right (G)there, baby (F)

Rock you, (G)baby, --- like a wrecking ball

Outro.:  |(C)(Em)|(Bb)(F)|(C)(Em)|(Bb)(F) -----
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