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Eric Church - What I Almost Was (Chord)
Album: Sinners Like Me (2006)
Submitter: keith101 (0) on 8/26/19
Month Views: 20 | Total Views: 571
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What I Almost Was by Eric Church

Capo 3rd Fret
G C G D  x4  Em

G                            C        G
It was my senior year, I just turned 18
     Em              G               D    G
I was a Friday night hero, with Division 1 dreams
G                              C           G
I had an offer on the table, a four-year ride
       Em            G        D    G
'Til that fourth-and-two, and 24 dive

D                          C         G
I left on a stretcher, wound up on a crutch
D                               C         G
Walked on that next summer wound up gettin' cut
Em               D                    C           G
I flipped off that coach, left that school in the dust
Am           Am7        C
For making my dreams go bust
C                      D  hold
And I thank God I ain't   -  What I almost was

G C  G  D  (2x)

G                            C          G
Well I moved on back home, came awful close
          Em          G       D   G
To being some son-in-law, to some CEO
G                        Em                   C          G
Coulda been a corner office, country club, suit-and-tie man
Em                        D       G
Answering to no one, but her and him 

D                           C             G
I ran out on his money, ran out on her love
D                        C          G
At four in the morning I loaded my truck
Em           D          C            G
I left my hometown in a big cloud of dust
Am             Am7        C
I just had to follow my gut
C                  D  hold
And I thank god I ain't -  What I almost was
Am  G  C  Am  G  C  

G                         C        G  G  G  C  G
Guitar town I bought this old Epiphone
Em                          D             G  G  G  C  G
Started stringin' chords and words into songs
G                       C       G
Been puttin' in time on 16th Avenue
Em                       D           G
Pourin' out my heart, for tips on a stool

D                             C                 G
I ain't making a killin' but then there's those nights
D                                  C            G
When the song comes together and hits home just right
Em                     D            C         G
The crowd's on their feet, cuz they can't get enough
Am             Am7            C      
Of this music I make and I love
And I thank God I ain't
I thank God I ain't
        C            D  hold
Yeah I thank God I ain't
What I almost was

G C G  D  x2  Em
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