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Eric Heatherly - Hang It On Your Heart (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (58) on 5/12/05 2 comments
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Hang It On Your Heart
written by Eric Heatherly
from the album "The East Side of Life"
Not 100% sure, so corrections welcome.
tabbed 5/12/05



D                          G
I've seen you fake it on a shiny six-string
D                G      D
Got yourself a nice video
D                             G                  D/
Now don't you wish you could plug it in but wait
Then the world would know

G                        A      Bm                  A
You never learned how to play guitar and still you
Hang it on your heart

D                    G        D
She might be made of wood and wire
G                 D
Ah but she's got soul
D                      G
Just the right mix of rain and fire
D                           G   D
Cryin' with the perfect tone

G                         A          Bm
So why's your amplifier still in the car, or don't ya
A                    G-D
Hang it on your heart

Bm             A                G               D                  Bm
Why don't you learn the basics, it's not that hard (it's not that hard)
              A             G                    Bm
Or you could put it in the case, sell it in the yard (yard)


D                       G
What would Stevie do if he could see
D                 G/   N/C*
What's goin' on today
D                      G
I have to wonder what Chet would think
D   N/C
Hey look that pretty boy's got a strap with his name

G                        A       Bm              A
He never learned how to play guitar and still he
Hangs it on his heart


D  G  D
       Bm                   A-G-D
Go and hang it on your heart

G                          A      Bm-A
Congratulations you're a bonafide star
Go and hang it on ya
Hang it on ya
A                     G-D
Hang it on your heart

CHORDS without capo:


PS: I did it without adding extra base-notes.   I think there are some in the
BRIDGE especially...Bm to Bm/A, A to A/C# (or something).   Use 'em if you
want, I just don't pick the base note (i.e., I play the other notes of the 
chord instead).

*There's a lick here, from a Stevie Ray Vaughan song, I'm sure, but I can't quite place
it.   If anyone knows what song the lick's from, or even if ya have the tab for it, let
me know and I'll post it here. 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The SRV lick is from Voodoo Chile (Slight Return).

-chickenpicker1 | 7/29/2005
Thanks. I recognized it, but couldn't place it.
-twizzle05 | 7/29/2005
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