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Ernest Tubb - Sweet Thang (Chord)
Submitter: bluerabbit10 (13) on 1/5/06 1 comment
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Sweet Thang
Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn

I (D) slipped out of the house about (D7) sundown
While (G) mama was a washin' her  (D) hair
And you can bet your bottom dollar she'll come lookin' for me
When she (E) finds that I'm not (A) there
And if she (D) catches her Sweet Thang runnin'(D7) around
I (G) know there'll be the devil to (D) pay
She'll come (G) blowin' like a cyclone right (D) through that (B) door
And I can (E) hear exactly (A) what she'll (D) say;

(nc) Well has (D) anybody here see Sweet Thang
 I (D7) got a (G) notion he'll be headed this a (D) way
Cause when my Sweet Thang is out tom-cattin' around
He finds a (E) sandbox like this to (A) play
I wanna (D) tell all you barroom rosies (D7) 
 If my (G) Sweet Thang does happen (D) by
 You'd better (G)) take my advice 
and if you (D) blink more than(B)twice
You'd better have (E) somethin' (A) in your (D) eye

(D)I give my baby all my money on payday (D7)
Except a (G) little she don't know that I (D) got
Cause there's a cute little waitress at the corner cafe
And she(E) seems to like me quite a (A) lot
While we were (D) sittin' in the back booth a havin' a talk (D7)
She(G) believed in every word that I (D) said
When the G) door blew open Loretta walked (B) 
In yellin' (2) loud enough to (A) wake the (D) dead

Chorus again:

Well has anybody here see sweet thang...

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You're kidding, you charge to print chords, written by second hand parties? Count me unregistered the second I can get it done. | 10/3/2014
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