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Florida Georgia Line - God, Your Mama, And Me (Chord)
Album: Dig Your Roots (2016)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (200) on 1/18/17
Month Views: 25 | Total Views: 20,559
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God, Your Mama, And Me
Written by Josh Kear, Hillary Lindsey & Gordie Sampson
Recorded by Florida Georgia Line ft. Backstreet Boys

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(D)(Em)|(C)(G)|(D)(Em)|(C) - - -

That (D)Sunday morning (Em)choir calling, (C)church doors open (G)wide
That (D)hallelu-(Em)jah shoot right through ya, (C)make you feel (G)alive
That (D)key under the mat, you (Em)know right where it's at
It's (C)waiting with the porch light (G)on
Don't bother (D)calling, no need for (Em)knocking, just come on (C)home - - -
Come on home, my love is

(D) Never gonna (Em)run dry, (C) never gonna (G)come up empty
(D) Now until the (Em)day I die, (C)unconditional-(G)ly
You (D)know I'm always (Em)gonna be here for ya
(C)No one's ever (G)gonna love you more than
(D)God, your mama, (Em)and me, (C)God, your mama, (G)and me
(D)Unconditional-(Em)ly, (C)God, - - - your mama, and me

(D)Loud as shot-(Em)gun, angels singing (C)with the radi-(G)o
(D)Praying with (Em)you every mile down (C)any dead (G)end road
You can (D)tell me every secret (Em)that you been keeping, (C)I'll hold it, lock (G)and key
Up with you (D)all night, holding you (Em)all night, I never leave
(C) - - - You better believe my love is

RePeat Chorus

Solo:  |(D)(Em)| You better be- (C)lieve it, (G)|(D)(Em) you better be- |(C)lieve it |

(D) Every step you take, I'll (Em)be as sure as your shadow
(C) Every move you make, you (G)know I'm part of you wherever you (G)go
Baby, you know my love is

RePeat Chorus

(D)God, your mama, (Em)and me, (C)God, your mama, (G)and me
(D)Unconditional-(Em)ly, (C)God, your mama, and me - - - - - 
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