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Garth Brooks - Bang! Bang! (Chord)
Album: Gunslinger (2016)
Submitter: WildCard76 (507) on 11/15/23
Month Views: 297 | Total Views: 297
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Garth Brooks
Album: Gunslinger
Submitted by: Christopher R.

Intro: (G) (G) (G) (G)

(D) She worked the window at the Desert Sands
Clyde was a dealer who was gifted with the sleight of (G) hand
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
(D) Their petty thieving and conniving ways
Would never get 'em to that beach house of their dreams some(G)day
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
But every (Em) after(D)noon at (C) four that armored (Em) car rolled (D) to the (C) door - like bef(Bb5)ore

  (G) Bang! Bang!
  The doors swing open and the pick-up begins
  (G) Bang! Bang!
  The guard knocks, she lets him in
  (G) Bang! Bang!
  Two bangs of cash hit the floor
  The guard (G) asks her out, she turns him down and shows him the door - once more
  (G) Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

(D) They must have run through it a thousand times
But something happened on the evening of their perfect (G) crime
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
(D) It seems the set-up and the switch all play
But there's a problem when it gets down to the get aw(G)ay
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
So, to com(Em)plete their (D) master (C) plan, they're gonna (Em) need a (D) pick-up (C) man - meet Jo-(Bb5)Ann

  (G) Bang! Bang! Bang!
  It's four on Monday and the hustle begins
  (G) Bang! Bang! Bang!
  The guard knocks, she lets him in
  (G) Bang! Bang! Bang!
  The bags of cash hit the floor
  Clyde's (G) hiding out, he swaps 'em out
  The guard's out the door - they score
  (G) Bang! Bang! Bang!
  Bang! Bang! Bang!

(D) Two big bags of money and they're both feeling light
She (Eb) sees the guard is stopping, she knows when something's not right
When he (D) turns to find he's standing face-to-face now with her
She says "How 'bout dinner Friday
And if you're good I'll let you have dess(G)ert"

  (G) Bang! Bang!
  The guard is happy and he's gone in a flash
  (G) Bang! Bang!
  She grabs Clyde and the cash
  (G) Bang! Bang!
  They see Jo-Ann and jump in
  They were last seen heading West and never heard from again
  The end
  (G) Bang! Bang!
  (G) Bang! Bang!
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