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Garth Brooks - Beer Run (Chord)
Album: Scarecrow (2001)
Submitter: Cnote666 (3) on 11/10/01
Month Views: 552 | Total Views: 19,510
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B- double E - double R - U - N

|G |G C |G |D |G |G C |G D |G |

Twenty-five minutes past quiting time

                                D       G
Seven of us crammed into that truck of mine

Payin' no attention to them highway signs

                                D      G
Ninety mile an hour toward the county line

  C           B           Bb    A
Quick sack, twelve pack, back again

      G                     D       G
Its a B - double E - double R - U - N

My buddies and their babies lettin' down their hair

                                    D       G
As long as we're together it don't matter where

Ain't got a lot of money but we just don't care

                                D        G
Knowing that the fun is in the gettin' there

 C      B          Bb         A
Aztec, long necks, paycheck spent

         G                     D       G
Oh its a B - double E - double R - U - N

I can't stop thinkin' what the Hell they were drinkin'

When they made this county dry

I got a week long thirst and to make it worse

  C                   D
Lord its my turn to drive

|G |G C |G |D |G |G C |G D |G |G |

Oh laughin' and a braggin' and a carryin' on

                                    D      G
We loaded up the wagons and we're headin' home

I guess half a dozen cases doesn't last that long

                            D       G
Come tomorrow morning it'll be all gone

         C            B           Bb      A
And its turn around, leave town, sounds again

       G                     D       G
Like a B - double E - double R - U - N

       G                     D       G
Like a B - double E - double R - U - N

|G |G C |G |D |G |G C |G D |G |G | repeat

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