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Garth Brooks - Face To Face (Chord)
Album: The Chase (2000)
Submitter: measter (0) on 5/9/05 2 comments
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This is my first tab, I have been looking everywhere to find this tab and it 
didn't exist... So I made it up. Its pretty good considering ive only been 
playing for a year. If you have any corrections or comments feel free to post 

 There was a bad boy in the school yard 

 who waited on you everyday
 seemed like everytime you turned around

 he was standing in your way
 well he broke your glasses the girls 

 all laughed as he pushed you to
 the floor until you stood up one day knowing 

 you couldn't stand it anymore
          Bm                                  Asus2
 and your gentle hand was finally clinched in rage
              E             E7 (hammer Em twice)
 and you were Face to Face
 G       D             Em
 Face to Face with the devil that you been dreading
 G      D      Em                   G         D
 eye to eye finally has arrived but bad as it was
          Em                       G  
 well now brother wasn't it better dealing with him
 D       Em(sister 2nd chorus)
 Face to Face
 Your date showed up with flowers and you 

 thought your prayers had come
 but with every passing hour you watched it come undone
 then the night explode and you begged him no
 but he forever changed your life
 now he waits the judge and jury 
 thinking you'll break down inside
            Bm                           Asus2
 and with a finger you can put his fists away and you 
      E           E7 (hammer Em twice)
 were Face to Face
              G                      D
 Cause it'll never go away until the fear 
 that you are running from is finally embraced

  Driving by the graveyard on a wicked 
  winter's eve and your wondering
  why a man of faith is whistling nervously then 
  you stop the car and
  you hold your heart cause you 
  finnaly realize hell the devil aint in 
  the darkness he's riding around inside 
  and with folded hands you truly 
           Asus2           E           E7 (hammer Em twice)
  start to pray cause your Face to Face
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
ive been lookin for it for about 4 years but this aint too close dude sorry...not sure how it goes but I know there are some crazy dm5's and sharps and stuff in it from when i saw him do it live at an acoustic thing about 10 years ago
-aronp24 | 5/19/2005
the verses arn't correct, but in places it has the right idea and is something to build from. throw a capo on at two to be in the song's key from The Chase album
-claw314 | 8/15/2008
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