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Garth Brooks - Friends In Low Places 4 (Intro)
Album: Double Live (2008)
Submitter: frochico (1) on 7/14/03 15 comments
Month Views: 500 | Total Views: 22,933
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   A Barre	A dim Barre	Bm7		?
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
this is much easier
-kylekertis | 3/2/2004
Exactly how do you hammer-on from the 4 to the 4?
-Beau2137 | 5/15/2004
It's 2h4. Don't ask stupid questions.
-housetrain | 5/21/2004
by the way... that last chord(since you have a ? above it) is an E
-sf3 | 12/31/2004
sounds great except for the 4h4. it needs to be 2h4.
-joseph000 | 4/19/2005
Why ar you people acting so childish?!?
-matpax | 6/14/2005
OK I am a Beginner and dont read Msic good can someone tell me an easy way to get this
-Sassikid1008 | 7/14/2005
i'm a beginner too... and don't take this personally but this is really easy to read... any yes that was a very stupid question and the person who first stated that did not post the correction! so mister "i'm too good to type in lower case letters" needs to take a pill... maybe some counseling... and then maybe i'll respect you
-coolkidcarlson | 7/19/2005

-kuntrykid14 | 8/19/2005
hey, to coolkid: instead of just criticizing everyone, why dont you answer that question (how do you read this). and the guy who wrote in caps is right, it wasnt stupid to ask how to do 4h4 because maybe the person asking didnt know it was tabbed wrong. so YOU take a pill.
-supercow101 | 8/26/2005
All of you sound like 10 year old girls
-jelloman | 10/2/2005
From the sounds of it, they might play like 10 year old girl too.
-jaylaurel01 | 12/13/2005
thank you for wasting the ink in my printer once again cant we all just get along and help people out when they need it stop b***hin' good tab thank you
-d_fresh | 1/13/2006
i learned it like this, it prolly in the wrong key, but was easy and sounds close
-kilpt894 | 1/24/2006
I know this is a little late but i think if you capo 2 then that last arrangement will be in the right key
-aled4586 | 7/30/2008
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