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Garth Brooks - He Really Loves You (Chord)
Album: Gunslinger (2016)
Submitter: WildCard76 (478) on 1/4/24
Month Views: 198 | Total Views: 198
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Garth Brooks
Album: Gunslinger
Submitted by: Christopher R.

Intro: (Em) (C) (G) x 2

(G) Five o'clock traffic, all (C) four lanes are down to a (G) crawl (C/G) (G)
He's sitting there knowing that (C) he's going nowhere at (G) all (C/G) (G)
Then (Em) finally he sees the (D) wreck
And says a (C) prayer for whoever they (A) are
Then (C) everything changes the (C/D) second he sees it's her (G) car (C/G) (G)

  He really (Am) loves you (D)
  And God knows it's (G) true (C/G) (G)
  And it's something he'd (Am) say
  And he'd tell you each (D) day
  It was the way that He (G) knew (C/G) (G)
  But to some of us (C) guys, we don't real(D)ize
  How to (G) say it is just (D/F#) not what we (Em) do
  And it's so hard to (Am) see but take it from (D) me
  He really (Em) loves (C) you (G)

Down on the shoulder, he's running as fast as he can
Dying to hold her, he's truly a desperate man
And he falls to his knees at the wreck
Up close it all looks so much worse
Same color, same model, but the car in the crash isn't hers


And he'll come home to(C)night like everything is alr(D)ight
Like nothing's (G) changed, but it's (D/F#) simply not (Em) true
If you'd been there (Am) today, then you'd see the (D) way
He really (Em) loves (C) you (G)

(Em) (C) (G) x 4


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