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Garth Brooks - People Loving People (Chord)
Album: Man Against Machine (2014)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (2621) on 9/13/14
Month Views: 642 | Total Views: 25,031
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People Loving People (Single, 2014)
Written by busbee, Lee Miller & Chris Wallin
Recorded by Garth Brooks

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(G) / / (A)|(Bm) / / (D/F#)| x 2

(G)Doctor, you ain't got a (A)pill (Bm) (D/F#)
For what-(G)ever's making this (A)world (Bm)ill
You can't (G)get forgiveness at the (A)store (Bm) (D/F#)
And (G)peace, it's a politic-(A)ian's (Bm)war (D/F#)

You won't (G)find no resolution (A)in the (Bm)bottom of a bottle (D/F#)
In the (G)stars or Aristotle, the only (A)answer to the problem is

(G)People (A)loving (Bm)people
(D/F#)That's the (G)enemy of every-(A)thing's that's (D)evil
(D/F#)Ain't no (G)quick fix at the end (A)of a (Bm)needle
(D/F#)It's just (G)people (A)loving (D)people

(D/F#)Woah (G)oh, (A)woah (Bm)oh, (D/F#)woah (G)oh, wo-(A)ah (D)oh

(G)Words aren't what they seem (A) to (Bm) be (D/F#)
(G)Talk is cheap but lies (A)are (Bm)free (D/F#)
We (G)fear what we don't under-(A)stand (Bm) (D/F#)
And (G)we've been scared since (A)time be-(G)gan (D)

All the (G)colors and the cultures (A)circle (Bm)'round us on a spindle (D/F#)
It's a (G)complicated riddle, the (A)solution is so simple

Repeat Chorus

(D/F#)Woah (G)oh, (A)woah (Bm)oh, (D/F#)woah (G)oh, wo-(A)ah (D)oh

You can (G)pawn it off on kings and queens and those behind the curtain
Say (Bm)what can make a difference in a world so full of hurting
But (G)I believe the remedy starts (A) right here with you and me

Repeat Chorus

(D/F#)It's just (G)people lov-(A)ing (D)people
(D/F#)Woah (G)oh, (A)woah (Bm)oh, (D/F#)woah (G)oh, wo-(A)ah (D)oh
(D/F#)Whoa, (G)woah, (A)woah, (Bm)woah
(D/F#)It's just (G) people lov-(A)ing (D)people -----
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