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Garth Brooks - Pushing Up Daisies (Chord)
Album: Scarecrow (2001)
Submitter: axehappy (141) on 1/5/02 5 comments
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Garth Brooks - Pushing Up Daisies

By axehappy - axehappy at

E     =   022100      A     =   x02220

B     =   x24442      Bsus  =   x24452

Dbm   =   x46654


Verse 1
E                        A          E
Sometimes I tell you the way that I feel,
                       B  E
I swear that I'm going crazy.
                             A          E
Keep telling myself it ain't that big a deal,
                            B  E      A  E    B  E
It's better than pushing up daisies.

Verse 2
E                     A             E
I felt the arrow from death's fatal quiver
                          B      E
Come so close it actually grazed me.
                       A             E
I bled the blood and I felt the cold shiver,
                      B     E
God only knows how he saved me.

        A                              E
There's two dates in time that they'll carve on the stone.
A                        Bsus B 
Everyone knows what they mean.
    A                               E
But what's more is important is the time that is known,
        Dbm         B          A
By that little dash there in between.
     Dbm         B          E       A  E    B  E
That little dash there in between.

Verse 3
E                        A         E
Sometimes my heart is as true as a dove,
                        B     E
Sometimes my heart it betrays me.
                          A            E
So I draw my sword for to fight for my love,
                       B     E
Without a whisper, she slays me.

E    A  E    B  E     A  E    B  E

Verse 4
E                       A             E
My mother died, but somehow she keeps living,
                       B    E
She'll never cease to amaze me.
                              A             E
My dad turns his back on each day that he's given.....
                                 B  E
'Cause he'd rather be pushing up daisies.


INSTRUMENTAL TO FINISH (same chords as verse) 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
This is a 10! Rating came out weird...

-Shantel | 10/28/2002
The old ratings only went up to 5, so that's
why the rating is pretty low...its really
-axehappy | 11/16/2002
Awsome job!! this song rocks
-eichnerh | 6/11/2003
Great job!!!!!!!!
-WildCard76 | 12/18/2003
The song sounds worlds better if you use 5th chords.
E5= X79900
A5= X02200
C#5= X46600
B5= X24400

Strum them at a 3/4 time...sounds like a charm.
-miketjag007 | 6/7/2005
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