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Garth Brooks - Shameless 2 (Chord)
Album: Double Live (2008)
Submitter: WildCard76 (478) on 1/13/03
Month Views: 761 | Total Views: 13,524
Moderator: Ray Terry | Report This Song?
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Garth Brooks


G          320003
C          x32010
D          xx0232
D/F#       2x0232
Em         022000
Bb         x13331
Bb/C       x3333x
Am         x02210
Am7        x02013
G/B        x2003x
B7/D#      xx1202
Gm         355333
F          xx3211
F#         xx4322

Well, I'm (G) shameless when it comes to (D/F#) loving you            
I'll do anything you (Em) want me to I'll do anything at (C) all (Bb/C) 
And I'm (G) standing here for all the (D/F#) world to see
Oh, baby that's what's (Em) left of me don't have very far to (C) fall (Bb/C) 
You know now (D) I'm not a man who's (B7/D#) ever been
Ins(Em)ecure about the world I've been (Am) living (G/B) in
I (D) don't break easy I (B7/D#) have my pride
But if (Em) you need to by (F) satis(F#)fied 

I'm (G) shameless baby I don't (D/F#) have a prayer
Every time I see you (Em) standing there I go down upon my (C) knees (Bb/C)
And I'm (G) changing swore I'd never (D/F#) compromise
Aw, but you convinced me (Em) otherwise I'll do anything you (C) please (Bb/C)
You see (D) in all my life I've (B7/D#) never found
What I (Em) couldn't resist what I (Am) couldn't turn (G/B) down
I could (D) walk away from anyone I (B7/D#) ever knew
But I (Em) can't walk away from (F) you (Gm) (F/A)
I have (Bb) never let anything have this much con(Am)trol over me
I (Ab) worked too hard to call my life my (Eb) own       
And I've (Bb) made myself a world and it's worked (Am) so perfectly        
But it's (Ab) your world now I can't refuse
(Am7) I've never had so (D7) much to lose
Oh, I'm (G) shameless 


You know it (D) should be easy for a (B7/D#) man who's strong
To (Em) say he's sorry or (Am) admit when he's (G/B) wrong
I (D) never lost anything I (B7/D#) ever missed 
But, (Em) I've never been in (F) love like this 
(No chord) It's out of my hands

I'm sh(G)ameless, I don't have the (D/F#) power now
I don't want it any(Em)how so I've got to let it (C) go (Bb/C)
I'm sha(G)meless, shameless as a (D/F#) man can be
You could make a total (Em) fool 
I just wanted you to (C) know (Bb/C)

Repeat Ad Lib......Fade
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