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Garth Brooks - She's Tired Of Boys (Chord)
Album: Man Against Machine (2014)
Submitter: WildCard76 (478) on 1/1/24
Month Views: 224 | Total Views: 224
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Garth Brooks
Album: Man Against Machine
Submitted by: Christopher R.

Intro: (Cadd9) (Gadd9) (D) (Em) (Cadd9) (Gadd9) (D)  x 2

She walked (Gadd9) onto the jobsite
We (D) damn near died
She was a (Em) young man's dream
Full of (Cadd9) college and pride
And I (Gadd9) called her a kid
And I (D) guess it made her mad
She said (Em) don't call me kid pops 
And I (Cadd9) won't call you Dad

I guess you could say 
We hit it off right from the start
That much difference in age 
It ain't a question of hot
One day after work
While she was waiting outside
Said we got to talk
So we went for a ride

  She said I'm (Gadd9) tired of boys
  I'm tired of first dates
  And I'm (D) tired of toys 
  I want a lover who will (Cadd9) understand
  Someone who will touch me with a (Am) knowing hand (D7)
  I am tired of feeling empti(Gadd9)ness inside
  I want to be the one left (D) satisfied
  I looked around and now I've (Cadd9) made my choice
  I'm tired of big talk and I'm (Am) tired of noise (D7)
  I'm tired of boys

Well I sat there for a moment
And I took a deep breath
I told her I was flattered
But most of all I was scared to death
I bet we talked for hours
Bout the demons that we dread
Then we went back to her place 
And put our fears to rest


Well the boys still talk about her
Though she has moved on down the line
They just can't figure out 
Why she's in town from time to time
They bet she's got a lover
I never say a word
I just smile and keep my head down 
And bless the day I heard


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