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Garth Brooks - The Night Will Only Know (Chord)
Album: In Pieces (1993)
Submitter: WildCard76 (478) on 9/13/03
Month Views: 656 | Total Views: 6,395
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Garth Brooks
(Brooks - Yates - Davis)
Album: In Pieces
Capital Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
September 13, 2003

A       =   x02220   
A7      =   x02020
Bb      =   x13331
Bm7-b5  =   x2x231
Bbmaj7  =   x13231
C       =   x32010
C/E     =   xx2010
Dm      =   xx0231
Dm/C    =   x3x231
F       =   xx3211

Intro:  (Dm) (Dm/C) (Bm7-b5) (Bbmaj7) (Dm) (Dm/C) (Bm7-b5) (Bb) (C)

That (Dm) night will live for(Dm/C)ever 
Their first (Bm7-b5) time to lie to(Bb)gether 
They were (A7) finally where desire dared them to (Dm) go 
Both belonging to an(Dm/C)other 
But (Bm7-b5) longing to be (Bb) lovers 
Pr(A7)omising each other that the night will only (Dm) know  (A)

(Dm) Parked on some old (Dm/C) backstreet 
They (Bm7-b5) laid down in the (Bb) backseat 
And (A7) fell into the fire down be(Dm)low 
But they would pay for their de(Dm/C)ceving 
For a (Bm7-b5) deadly web was (Bb) weaving 
Why they (A7) picked that spot that evening 
Lord, the night will only (Dm) know 

(C/E) Well with(F)in the innuendos 
Just outs(Dm)ide the steamy windows 
The (F) night was shattered by a woman's (A) scream 
(Dm) Motionless and (Dm/C) frightened 
The (Bm7-b5) grip of fate had (Bb) tightened 
And with (A7) trembling hands they wiped away the (Dm) steam 

(C) (Dm) (A) (C) (A) (Dm) (C) (Dm)

They (Dm) saw a woman (Dm/C) pleading 
Stumbling, (Bm7-b5) begging, and retr(Bb)eating 
'Til (A7) she became the victim of a (Dm) foe 
And they watched her fall in (Dm/C) silence 
To (Bm7-b5) save their own all(Bb)iance 
But the (A7) reason for the violence 
Just the night will only (Dm) know 

And (C/E) every (F) paper ran the story 
She was (Dm) stripped of all her glory 
And they (F) told exactly how the woman (A7) died 
Ab(Dm)andoned and for(Dm/C)saken 
Too many (Bm7-b5) pills were (Bb) taken 
And they (A7) ruled the woman's death a suic(Dm)ide 

(C) (Dm) (A) (C) (A) (Dm) (C) (Dm)

Solo: (A) (C) (A) (Dm) (C) (Bm7-b5) (Bb) (A) (Dm) (C) (Dm)

(Dm) Bound by their be(Dm/C)havior 
They (Bm7-b5) could have been her (Bb) savior 
Now (A7) guilt becomes an endless debt they (Dm) owe 
But another crime was comm(Dm/C)itted 
And it's (Bm7-b5) never been adm(Bb)itted 
Have the (A7) guilty been acquitted 
Lord, the night will only (No Chord) know 

(Dm) (Dm/C) (Bm7-b5) (Bb) (Dm) (Dm/C) (Bm7-b5) (Bb) (C)

Repeat and fade out... 
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