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Garth Brooks - To Make You Feel My Love (corrected) (Chord)
Album: Double Live (2008)
Submitter: WildCard76 (422) on 1/14/03 14 comments
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Garth Brooks

Intro (D) (A/C#) (Am/C) (G) (Gm) (D) (Em7) (A7)

(D) When the rain is blowing (A/C#) in your face,
(Am/C) And the whole world is (G) on your case,
(Gm) I would offer you a (D) warm embrace (Bm)
(Em7) To make you feel my (A) love (A7) (A)

(D) When evenin' shadows and the (A/C#) stars appear
(Am/C) and there is no one there to (G) dry your tears
(Gm/Bb) I could hold you for a (D/A) million years (Bm7)
(Em7) to make you (G/A) feel my (D) love

(G) I know you haven't made your (D) mind up yet
(F#) but I would (G) never do you (D) wrong
(G) I've known it from the moment (D) that we met,
(E7)No doubt in my mind where you (A7sus) belong (A)

(D)I'd go hungry, I'd go (A/C#) black and blue
(Am/C)I'd go crawlin' down the (G) avenue
(Gm/Bb) There's nothing that I (D) wouldn't do (Bm)
(Em7) to make you (A) feel my (D) love


(G) The storms are raging on the (D) rollin sea
(F#) And on the (G) highway of (D) regret
(G) The winds of change are blowin (D) wild and free
(Em7) and you ain't see nothin' like (A7sus) me yet (A7) (A7sus) (A7)

(D) There's nothin' that I (A/C#) would'nt do
(Am/C) go to the ends of the (G) earth for you
(Gm/Bb) I'd make you happy, make your (D) dreams come true (Bm)
(Em7) to make you (A) feel my (D) love
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Right On. Yhis is how I play it. Also, if you capo it up 1 fret it
matches the version on the live album.

-reeldeal4 | 8/3/2003
This song is so romantic! Great job on the tab!
-petunia | 1/18/2004

-petunia | 1/18/2004
excellent job on this song! i've played a lot of your tabbings and
they all sound good. Think you could tab this one out someday?? thanx

-nivek1029 | 4/22/2004
awesome, awesome, thanks also for the tip about the capo, i'll try it out!
-lilgeetar | 8/31/2004
can someone email me at please and tell me what these chords are??? thank you!
-wakebordr1 | 10/4/2004
hey it sounds great, but I need some help with the chords as well. PLEASE email them to me at
-psykes80 | 10/21/2004
hey it sounds great, but I need some help with the chords as well. PLEASE email them to me at
-psykes80 | 10/21/2004
hey guys, if you need help with the chords, go to this web site, it's very helpful
-tsong001 | 1/12/2005
This tab sounds great but it doesn't do alot of us a whole lot of good with out the fingerpicking pattern or tablature, however you choose to describe it. I would appreciate it if someone would take the time to show us the fingerpicking. Thanks for any assistance. Garth's the man.
-jason1981 | 1/23/2005
Hey man. listen to me!!!!!!!11 this tab is soooooo f**king good. who cares about the nit picking I'm requesting that you post more tabs. any song anyway. it's tabbers like u who make this site what t is. for comments. yall keep it country

-jasonellis81 | 6/19/2005
Another great tab. Keep up the good tabbin'. I sure do appreciate it.
-kawlijah | 12/17/2005
Great tab BTW. For those having trouble with the chords, there is a button at the top left, click it and the chords appear like magick!
-alvrez | 11/11/2008
ohhh, very beautiful)
-marknewby | 9/26/2017
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