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Garth Brooks - Victim of the Game (Chord)
Album: No Fences (2000)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 7/20/01 4 comments
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Intro : G C G C

Verse :
Well, it took a little time
But I guess you finally learned
     G    D/Fis   Em
That promises get broken
    A              D  
And bridges do get burned
            G                   G/B
You've been sittin' through the ashes
     B                 C  
Just tryin' to find a flame
Holdin' on to nothin'
         D             G
You're a victim of the game

You were standin' way too close
To see it all fall apart
And there were things you couldn't hear
«Cause you were listenin' with your heart
But you can't say I didn't warn you
Now there's no one else to blame
There's no one quite as blind
As a victim of the game

        C      F   F   C 
And it don't matter who you are
          G    F       E
It treats everyone the same
Am      Am/G     D/Fis    D
All you need's a heart
        C      D      G     C G C
To be a victim of the game

You know it's really gettin' to you
When you take to tellin' lies
And you can try to fool your friends
But you can't look 'em in the eye
There ain't no standin' tall
In the shadow of the shame
When everybody knows
That you're a victim of the game

Repeat Chorus:
                     G              G/B
Oh, you know, when I look into your eyes
      B               C    
I can really feel the pain
C               G
Starin' at the mirror
     D             G  
At a victim of the game 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
What the heck is an "H" Chord ... doesn't make sense???
-Keelhauler21 | 5/23/2003
I changed them. They are supposed to be Bs.
-Korry | 5/27/2003
-Keelhauler21 | 6/4/2003
what is a D/Fis chord? what does "is" stand for?
-Keelhauler21 | 6/4/2003
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