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Gary Allan - Best I Ever Had (grey Sky Morning) (Chord)
Album: Icon (2012)
Submitter: palamin0 (18) on 5/18/05 42 comments
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ARTIST: Gary Allen
Title: Best I ever had
year: 2005
chords by: palamin0 at

Gary Allen - Best I ever had

D/B - x20032
D/G - 320032 or 300032
D/C# - x40232
D/F# - 200232
G/F# - 200033 or 200003

   ****CAPO 4th FRET

Intro - D - D/B - D/G - D - A

(verse 1)
D              D/B
So you sailed away
G                D   A
Into a grey sky mor-ning 
D              D/B 
Now I'm here to stay
G               D   A    
Love can be so bor-ing 

Em7                     Bm  
  Nothing's quite the same now 
Em7                 Bm  Asus-A  
  I just say your name   no--w 

D               Em7 
But it's not so bad
G                D     D/C#  Bm  
You're only the best I ever  had 
You don't want me back 
G                D     D/C#   D  -  D/B - G
You're just the best I ever  had 

So you stole my world 
Now I'm just a phony 
Remembering the girl 
Leaves me down and lonely 
Send it in a letter 
Make yourself feel better 

D               Em7 
But it's not so bad
G                D     D/C#  Bm  
You're only the best I ever  had 
You don't want me back 
G                D     D/C#   D 
You're just the best I ever  had  

C            D
And it may take some time to 
G        G/F#   Em7 
Patch me  up    inside 
C           D
But I can't take it so I 
Bm          C 
Run away and hide 
C         D
And I may find in time that 
G         G/F#    Em7    
You were always  right 
        D     C    D
You're always right 

(verse 3)
D              D/B
So you sailed away
G                D   A
Into a grey sky mor-ning 
D              D/B 
Now I'm here to stay
G               D   A    
Love can be so bor-ing 

Em7                  Bm 
  What was it you wanted 
Em7                  Bm  A 
  Could it be I'm haunted 

D               Em7 
But it's not so bad
G                D     D/C#  Bm  
You're only the best I ever  had 
You don't want me back 
G                D     D/C#   D 
You're just the best I ever  had
   D/B   G                 D     D/C#   D
 	   You're just the best I ever  had 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
This is a beautiful piece of music.
Thank you for submitting it.
-WildCard76 | 5/31/2005
You guys should check out Vertical Horizon, the band that wrote this. They have some really good stuff. Gary Allan did a great job with this one.
-runnerman | 6/7/2005
Could somebody show me how to make the chords D/B,D/G,D/C#,D/F#,and G/F#.If you could that would be great.
-cowboy31 | 6/11/2005
I think that instead of the D/C# (in the chorus) chord that it sounds right to play A

-harmsd | 7/11/2005
this song is his best and my favorite out right now its great
-urban109 | 7/27/2005
does anybody know when the cd this willbe on is coming out
-urban109 | 7/27/2005
cd is out now
-spankinu1 | 7/29/2005
Gary Allan is one of the best country music artist ever but he doesn't get a lot of show in the spotlight. I own every one of his CD's and every song he has is awsome. Hook'em
-evh | 8/3/2005
does he play it with or w.o a capo??
-Derek_Cave99 | 8/3/2005
It's a shame that this song has a tear-jerking story behind it. Great song, just written under terrible circumstances. If anyone was aware, Gary's wife died back in october.
-stangdrvr4life | 8/5/2005
The song may be a touching tribute to his wife, but Gary did not write the song--it's a Vertical Horizon cover. Done beautifully, however.
-mulletjunky | 8/5/2005
Good job as always you always do a great job on tabs/chords
-pighinator | 8/6/2005
good chording on a good song!
-redray75 | 8/8/2005
Thank you so much for this one! I love it. I simply don't hear the D/C# though. Can someone help me out here please!?!?? Does everyone agree that this is correct?? harmsd might be right... A?
-Surfguitar | 8/9/2005
Guys I'm wondering about the Bm too.. someone please chime in here. Thanks again..
-Surfguitar | 8/9/2005
Nope the cd comes out Oct 11th
-jordan | 8/12/2005
If you go to they have chords for Vertical Horizon's version on there
-cowgirl_in_az | 8/18/2005
I'm pretty sure it is an A/C# that is the walk down that you are hearing. If you are not walking down then forget the C#. Good job on the tab though.
-c82cj | 8/24/2005
The Bm is correct though fo'sho'
-c82cj | 8/24/2005
beautiful song and awsome tab

-samej1 | 8/28/2005
I was curious about how his wife died, and are the tattoos in the video real? Is there a story behind them?

Only other GA song I've heard is "Right where I need to be" -- loved it -- but this one is really special.

Thanks in advance for any responses...

-wolfgqng65 | 8/29/2005
can some one please make a tab version :) Please

-cuatro4 | 8/30/2005
What I read in country magazine a while back, was that his wife was killed by a self-inflicted gun shot wound. As far as the tattoos, I hope they are real because they are bad.
-bzrad86 | 8/31/2005
Gary is an amazing artist, if you get the opportunity to see him in concert go because he is great!BTW, His tattoos are real.
-wildbrunette | 9/1/2005
I absolutley love this song. The intro doesn't sound right to me. Is there an alternate tuning that I'm missing? maybe I'm just not doing it right. Very good job.
-Dark_Guitarist | 9/2/2005
my mom really loves this song, so im glad i found this. last year i went to the brooks n dunn play something country concert and gary allen was there. it was a REALLY good concert.
-supercow101 | 9/3/2005
Anybody know the correct strum pattern?
-thedisciple | 9/6/2005
gary allen has had a hard career life and that was his third wife. She did kill herself in october and the tattoos are real. I saw gary back in july and it was the best concert i have ever seen.( been to a lot of concerts)

-tim | 9/7/2005
It is true, gary's wife comitted suicide back in october, and they have kids. He stopped singin for awhile, but he came back with a very emotional song. And o yeah, does anybody else get chills when he sings the part "was it what u wanted". Very sad song but kick ass tab.
-suthrnboy0052 | 9/8/2005
Original singer is Vertical Horizon. Try looking up their tab.
-jw27 | 9/14/2005
Gary allen is the s**t!
-big jp | 9/16/2005
wat is the struing pattern in this song??????
-keithfan26 | 9/25/2005
You know, I don't like alot of pop music,
so I'd never heard this song before. Gary
sings it with all his heart. He's one of
the best country singers out there.
-WildCard76 | 9/28/2005
Yeah Gary didnt write this song, it was done by Vertical Horizon awhile back, but with all he has been through it is the perfect song for him to do now...thanks for the tab!!!
-z71cowboy | 9/28/2005
this song is wrong. Does any one have it in the correct key??? It is not capoed.
-Oger | 10/6/2005
It IS capo'd if you want to play along with the CD - or you would
tune down 1/2 step to play with the other tab which is more likely
what they did.

-lmofle | 10/11/2005
great job on this
-iseltb | 10/18/2005
This is a great song; however can anyone actually sing this? I sound like a dying pig.
-CowboyBri | 11/26/2005
can any1 tell me the exact strummin plz?
-KyAl_33 | 11/27/2005
Just to let some of you know this song is a cover from a band called Vertical Horizon. Gary did a great job and one can imagine why he covered this song. Both versions are almost alike, except for Gary’s distinct voice.
-Darklight1701 | 12/20/2005
I love this song and as far as the strumming pattern, listen to the song for it...
-JPBubbaDeal06 | 12/24/2005
Does anyone have a suggestion for fingering Bm? Nevermind i realized its a bar chord.
-rwcardinal | 12/27/2005
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