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Gary Allan - Can't Do It Today (Chord)
Album: See If I Care (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (325) on 10/4/03 9 comments
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Canít Do It Today
By Gary Allan

Capo 4

A         C             G            D         A  C   G  D
Trying to keep a candle burning in a hurricane
A                C             G           D             A  C  G  D
that's what it's like when you love me and leave me this way
A      C           G             D                A C G D
Like a dove crying out when he's lost the will to fly,  yeah
A        C       G             D             A    C G D
Shackled down to earth by your long chain of lies,    well

A                   G            D           A
I'll forgive you tomorrow if the sun doesn't shine
A                    G             D          A
Let you back into my life when the oceans are dry
A                        G            D                G
Take you back when every shade of the rainbow turns to gray
      D                       A C G A  C G  A
But I just can't do it today,    I canít do 

Well I can see you dancing in that strangers arms
My world hasnít stopped turning but itís falliní apart
Every breath that I takeís a little to sane, yeah
They say time is a healer but itís still a long, long ways away, yeah


I canít do it today
Donít wanna do it today

Thereís a part of me that wishes I could just forget
But I havenít found the mercy yet, ainít no mercy yet

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
AWESOME TAB!!! Great song, as well. I don't think there's a Gary song
that I don't like.

-WildCard76 | 10/4/2003
If you want to play this the lazy man's way (count on me to find it lol)
Capo 4 and change the chords to:

C# -----> A
E ------> C
B ------> G
F#------> D

Great tab!
-Shantel | 10/6/2003
Took Shantel's advice and went with a capo version
, it does sound better and easier to hear...
-lmofle | 10/8/2003
When I first was tabbing it, I was doing it
the hard way with barre chords. Once I found
the rhythm and chord progression, I found a
capo and looked for something easier than the
barre chords!

-lmofle | 1/8/2004
Amen to that, brother.
-melsman | 1/8/2004
Either way, it's an excellent tab!
Great job, bro!
-WildCard76 | 1/22/2004
excellent tab!
-debeck | 4/13/2004
I think the A is minor, played as 1's and 5's - Strummed as Am - SPK
-Scoop52Tele | 9/1/2005
Great song. Try playing the chorus using these chords, using capo4

A E G D X3 G D
-tojoh | 9/12/2005
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