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George Jones - A Good Year For The Roses (Chord)
Album: 50 Years of Hits (2004)
Submitter: matellmon (67) on 2/9/02
Month Views: 24 | Total Views: 10,550
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(A) I can hardly bare the sight of lipstick
on the cigar-(D)-ettes there (A) in the ashtray
lyin? cold the way you left them
at least your lips caress-(D)-ed them (A) while you packed

And a (D) lip print on a half-filled cup of coffee
that you poured and (A) didn?t drink
but at (E) least you thought you wanted it
that?s so much more than I can say (A) for me

     But what a good year for the (D) roses
     (E) many blooms still linger (A) there
     the lawn could stand another (D) mowin?
     (E) it?s funny, I don?t even (A) care
     and when you turned and walked (D) away
     (E) and as the door behind you (D) closes (A)
     the only thing I know to (D) say
     (E) it?s been a good year for the (D) roses (A)

(A) After three full years of marriage
it?s the first time that you (D) haven?t (A) made the bed
I guess the reason we?re not talkin?
there?s so little left to say, (D) we (A) haven?t said
while a (D) million thoughts go runnin? through my mind
I find I haven?t (A) spoke a word
and from the (E) bedroom those familiar sounds
of our one baby?s cryin? goes un-(A)-heard

Repeat Chorus
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