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George Strait - Amarillo By Morning (Chord)
Album: George Strait - Greatest Hits (1990)
Submitter: miketerrian (18) on 2/24/03 7 comments
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George Strait - Amarillo By Morning

By Mike Terrian - mike_terrian at

D  =  x00232               F#m =  224422

G  =  320033               A7  =  002020

A  =  002220               B7  =  x21202

E  =  022100               G#m =  446654


D           F#m
Amarillo By Morning,
G             D
Up from San Antone.
Everything that I've Got,
   G                  A7
Is just what I've got on.
          G                   A
When that sun is high in that Texas Sky,
        D              F#m    G
I'll be buckin' at the county fair.
D           A
Amarillo by morning,
   G     A       D 
Amarillo I'll be there.

D                      F#m
They took my saddle in Houston,
         G            D
Broke my leg in Santa Fe.
Lost my wife and a girlfriend,
    G               A7
Somewhere along the way.
            G                           A
But I'll be looking for eight when they pull gate,
      D         F#m         G
And I hope that judge ain't blind.
D           A
Amarillo by morning,
   G       A     D
Amarillo's on my mind.

Key Change To E

E           G#m
Amarillo by morning,
A             E
Up from San Antone.
Everything that I've got,
   A                  B7
Is just what I've got on.
I ain't got a dime,
But what I've got is mine.
        E        G#m      A
I ain't rich but Lord I'm free.
E           B7
Amarillo by morning,
   A       B7         E   A B7
Amarillo's where I'll be.
E           B7
Amarillo by morning,
   A       B7         E
Amarillo's where I'll be.
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
In the last verse, instead of playing G#m as it is tabbed, try it as 444664 and you'll get the right sound. Thanks for the tab!
-BlaynePS | 8/21/2003
that is a g#m
-shinerbach13 | 9/20/2003
I'm new to guitar, but at the top there's a F#m=224432 wouldn't that be a Bm? Isn't F#m 244222? Thanks for the tab:)
-kgebeau | 3/6/2004
Good tab, but one mistake. If you haven't already noticed. The part with, "I hope that judge aint blind" should begin with a D instead of an A. Thanx
-DieselTek77 | 3/16/2004
yeah Bm = 224432 and F#m = 244222 - the correct chord in this case is a F#m = 244222
-xdrewx | 8/15/2004
very beautifull that is how i play it
-cuatro4 | 12/28/2005
this is a great song. i know this song by heart and i play B instead B7 and A instead of A7. The B & A sound better in this song. good tab though!
-roger3483 | 10/9/2008
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