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George Strait - Amarillo By Morning (Tab)
Album: George Strait - Greatest Hits (1990)
Submitter: Lucas (7) on 6/26/02 21 comments
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Song: Amarillo By Morning

Songwriter: Terry Stafford and Paul Fraser

Artist: George Strait

FIDDLE INTRO: Arranged for guitar



D           F#m
Amarillo By Morning
G             D
Up From San Antone
Everything that I've Got
    G                 A7
Is Just what I've got on
          G                    A
When that sun is high in that Texas Sky
         D              F#m    G
I'll be buckin' at the county fair
D           A7
Amarillo by morning
G         A      D
Amarillo I'll be there

Verse 2

D                       F#m
They took my saddle in Houston
          G           D
Broke my leg in Santa Fe
Lost my wife and a girlfriend
    G               A7
Somewhere along the way
             G                           A
But I'll be looking for eight when they pull gate
       D         F#m         G
And I hope that judge ain't blind
D            A7
Amarillo by morning
   G       A     D
Amarillo's on my mind

Verse 3 (Key Change)

E            G#m
Amarillo by morning
A             E
Up from San Antone
Everything that I've Got 
    A                 B7
Is just what I've got on
I ain't got a dime
But what I've got is mine
I ain't rich
         G#m  A
But Lord I'm free
E            B7
Amarillo by morning
A          B7         E A-B7-E
Amarillo's where I'll be
E           B7
Amarillo by morning
A          B7         E
Amarillo's where I'll be

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
the begining of this intro should slide in from the 7th fret
-sd1245 | 2/26/2003
How do you play a G#M???
-mystikal1116 | 10/7/2003
heh...n/m...guess thats what the chord generator is for...
-mystikal1116 | 10/7/2003
it works, sounds good thanks
-perales | 4/1/2004
a G#M is played just like an F#m but on the fourth fret.

-sexton51 | 5/7/2004
b7 is a tough chord... damn pinky!
-dudeitstaylor | 6/25/2004
How do you play a B7?
-tjayne | 10/9/2004
B7= 021202
-Murph316 | 11/10/2004
what is a F#M
-cbrianjames3 | 12/14/2004
F#m - 244222 G#m - 466444
-greenwolf | 1/16/2005
i played this tab and only the beging made since so somebody correct it

-bradnichols | 2/16/2005
sounds great....this sight is more like trying to break into a god dang locksmiths shop. lmfao
-americanbow | 2/20/2005
it doesn't make any since at the end and all u guys say it sounds good
-funnybone | 3/5/2005
I think the above is correct the ending sounds kinda goofy ...would love the correction thanks Jet
-jet7719 | 5/16/2005
Since I submitted this tab let me clear up the misunderstanding. This is an adapted way to play this song on guitar. It will not and does not match the "fiddle" intro 100 % as it is played on the recording. It does sound good however, and it is a way to make it sound good for a band that doesn't have a fiddle player to play the intro. The last part is a real country sounding guitar walkdown that leads into the vocals. Just my interpretation of the song and the way I have played it live numerous times. I hope this helps and I apologize if my tab mislead anyone.
-Lucas | 5/17/2005
We are lucky to have sites like these. These sites should be appreciated. Tabbers work hard to make this possible. To many negative remarks are being made. It's a shame

-jacksam | 8/7/2005
How do you play an A7?
-Agentoffortune | 8/13/2005
The tab sounds great!!! Good job lucas keep it up.
-scotty28 | 1/3/2006
I'm so confused does anyone Know if there is any kid freindly tab on this site
-cowgal1993 | 1/3/2006
sounds right to me...all the right chords and in the right order.Good job!!!
-bluegrass30009 | 1/13/2006
Good chart. sounds all in order to me. thanks!
-godfreyj0385 | 3/25/2011
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