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George Strait - Check Yes or No (Chord)
Album: 50 Number Ones (2004)
Submitter: jca4jc (0) on 7/23/01 26 comments
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Capo third Fret!
   Check Yes or No
Intro (DD--AA--GG, DD,--AA--GG) 

D       A        G
It started way back in eight grade
D         A          G 
I used to sit beside Emmie Lou Hayes
D             A                   G           
A pink dress, matching bow in her pony tail
G                                   A 
She kissed me on the school bus and told me not to tell.

(same progression)

Next day I chased her around the playground
Across the monkey bars to the merry go round
and Emmie Lou got caught passing a note
Before the teacher took it I read what she wrote: (chorus)
        D                Bm            G
Do you love me?, Do you want to be my friend?
and if you do.
      D                  Bm              G
Then don't be afraid to take me by the hand
if you want to.
     G               A          (no Chords)
I think this is how love goes...check yes or no.

Then play intro 

Now we're grown up and she's my wife
Still like two kids with stars in our eyes
Ain't much changed I still chase Emmie Lou
Up and down the hall,and the bed in our room.

Last night I took her out in a white limousine
Twenty years together and she still gets to me
can't believe it's been that long ago
when we got started with just a little note.

chorus X 2 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
You should finish like put tabs for everyline instead of skippin
some i give it a 6 not bad but i will it a 10 if you do that. Email
me if you do
-ajl_87 | 1/15/2003
Previous Comment - Say what ?? Tab looks good for me. Thanks Korry.
-eric_steinmetz | 2/5/2003
Looks good to me to plus it saves on paper.You got to use the chord
structure and the ear for the non tabed verses!
-bobby3811 | 3/11/2003
Your lyrics are way off.
-guitarplayer10 | 4/19/2003
Oh lets cry about it. lol
-geetar81 | 4/19/2003
If you want to sing and play this song u have to have the right
lyrics. nice job Korr
-guitarplayer10 | 6/11/2003

-guitarplayer10 | 6/11/2003
it started way back in eigth grade not third
-beave-0 | 7/13/2003
In the first verse it should be "It started way back in third grade"
and "A pink dress, a matching bow in her ponytail" Other than that,
it looks good!

-johnnyrico78 | 7/21/2003
Quit criticizing each other, be appreciative for stuff that people
take time to contribute and if something's not quite right then get
your "expert ears" out and figure it out yourself.

-Christworshiper | 9/16/2003
he he he the coments are as good as the tab..both rated 10.
-WayneXG95 | 12/20/2003
another chord proggression that follows his live performance accurately
is FF CC A#A# (No capo)
-jake hallahan | 1/11/2004
The lyrics need correcting, but the chords look great. That's the
way I've always played it. Great job!
-heyitskane | 1/21/2004
you all like ass - have a nice day
-icedesperado | 2/9/2004
I agree with the guy above me...
-gzibin | 2/20/2004
^^^its hayes you idjot
-onesource63 | 6/8/2004
Thats fun to play

-tobykeithlover | 11/24/2004
hey guys im a new guitar man, and i started mastering tenaious D then i wanted to impress my wife so i started playing country like cross my heart , almost home, beringham, and some more love songs lol who needs viagra after all that:)) I think you guys are very talented and i love hearing witty comments and it also give me an i dea on what to look for. From your fellow player Andrew:)
-butcher19 | 12/20/2004
John Wayne is that you? Is this me?
-dickysmalls | 1/3/2005
what cords do uyou use besides d. its a great song

-keithpetru | 1/17/2003

-hopeuknow | 5/15/2005
hey my name is Jacob Edwards and on the first lint it started back in 3 grade its 3rd not 8th please change it and please e-mail me when u do so my e-mail address is
-fireman640 | 6/16/2005

-Adam223 | 8/3/2005
no kidding gosh if u dont have any idea waht ur talking about dont talk about the lyrics its hayes and 3rd grade u idiots that think otherwise
-Adam223 | 11/20/2005
hey iam sort of new to this so iam having trouble with the struming pattern so if some body could email the to me at

-cuatro4 | 12/28/2005
Hey its all good I played this at my show last week you did have the words a lil wrong. But your just making it your own but anyway cords are good thanks alot
-guitarman76380 | 3/21/2013
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