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George Strait - Desperately 2 (Chord)
Album: Honkytonkville (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (527) on 6/19/03 5 comments
Month Views: 51 | Total Views: 22,516
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By George Strait

E  B (A) E  B  (A)

You make the intro sound by going to the B and lifting the
3rd finger of strings 2, 3, and 4. This makes the A but I
put it in parentheses to show its not really and A to play.
That's just part of the pulloff. I can sound byte if necessary.

E     B              E
Every night it's the same
           B         E
I hear you callin my name
E    B             E   B
Your lyin next to me
E      B           E
I give in to your charms
E        B          E
You disappear in my arms
E     B               E (walk up to A)
I realize it's just a dream

A                         E               (walk up to A)
But desperately I long to feel your touch
A                    F#m     B
But you left me all alone in love

Shake the sleep from my head
And try to crawl out of bed
Today is just another day
I make the coffee for one
I turn the radio on
Pretend that everything's okay


I know there's no reason to smile
It's gonna take me a while
But I still love you desperately



And now I watch the sun going down
There ain't nobody around
I feel a night in the breeze
I keep on telling myself
I don't need nobody else
And I can do as I please

Chorus (twice)

Every night it's the same
I hear you calling my name
I still love you desperately

E       B        E       B
I still love you I still want you
E       B        E      B    E
I still love you desperately
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Good tab!!!
-WildCard76 | 7/30/2003
could you explain more on what to do with what fingers to make the
sound in the beginning......also can you sound byte? thanks

-redneckm0ther | 3/2/2004
I would appreciate if you would add that sound byte. Great tab.
-teamroper | 3/7/2004
Hey Larry - I like the tab...I was a little confused at first
regarding the "B" in the verses until I realized that you meant to
continue the picking pattern from the intro (with the hammer-on there
that use those same notes from a B chord) rather than actually play
a "B" chord. Once I figured that out, it was all good. Nice tab.

-Smoothie7745 | 3/14/2004
Sounds terrific, Larry. :-)
-heyitskane | 5/10/2004
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