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Great Divide - Dodgers Were in Brooklyn (Chord)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 9/23/01 2 comments
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(D) Talked to my daddy last (G) night about the (A) nineteen fifty (D) two
(D) I'd heard about the good ol' days
(G) And I was (A) wonderin' if they were (D) true
(G) Well it must have been, be (A) cause he smiled
and his (D) eyes looked into (G) mine
And I could (D) tell he touched a memory as he (A)  told me of a (D) time

When the (G) Dodgers were in Brooklyn and the (D)air was clean
(G) Marylyn Monroe was breaking (D) hearts on silver (A) screens
Daddy (G) finally stole my momma's heart a(D)way from ol' James (G) Dean
On the (D) other side of memory's fence, the (A) grass is always (D)green

I talked to my momma, last night about the ways things use to be
Showed me of a picture of some here and a guy that looked like me
Spell bound around a tv in the den
I wish that we could go back to those innocent times again


(G) Now I know that time has (D) changed things
(G) Then and now is day and (D) night
(G) Memories will always (D) be larger than (G)life
And it's all right here in black in (A) white


On the (D) other side of memory's fence, the (A) grass is always (D)green 
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I [D]talked to my daddy
Last [G]night about [A]nineteen fifty [D]two
[D]I'd heard about the good ol days
[G] I was [A]wonderin if they were [D]true
Well it [G]must have been be[A]cause he smiled
And his [D]eyes looked into [G]mine
I could [D]tell he'd touched a memory
As he [A]told me of the [D]time

When the [G]dodgers were in brooklyn
And the [D]air was clean
[G]Marilyn monroe was breakin [D]hearts on silver [A]screen
Daddy [G]finally stole my mommas heart
A[D]way from ol james [G]dean
On the [D]other side of memories fence
The [A]grass is always [D]green

[D]Talked to my momma
Last [G]night about the [A]way things used to [D]be
[D]Showed me a picture
Of [G]her and some [A]guy that looked like [D]me
[G]Spell[A]bound around
A [D]tv in the [G]den
I [D]wish that we could go back to those
[A]innocent times [D]again


[Bm]Now I [G]know that time has [D]changed things
[Bm]Then and [G]now is day and [D]night
[Bm]Memo[G]ries will always[D]be lar[D/F#]ger than[G] life
And its [G]all [D/F#]right [Em]here in black and [A]white


On the [D]other side of memories fence
The [A]grass is always [D]green

-RStephens | 7/12/2002
-dbrown234 | 1/31/2003
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