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Halfway to Hazard - Welcome To Nashville (Chord)
Album: Halfway To Hazard (2007)
Submitter: Georgewb (1) on 10/6/08
Month Views: 17 | Total Views: 2,849
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Halfway To Hazard
"Welcome To Nashville"

Intro: A
Welcome to Nashville, welcome to Nashville
           D                     A
Welcome to Nashville, welcome to Nashville
           E                     A
Welcome to Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee

Verse 1:
It ain't been this bad since Conway had him a perm
          D                                             A
And you'd think by now them sorry sons a' b***hes would learn
           E/                  E/
A bunch of soft-rock wanna be, hell they can't even sing
E/   E/     E/  E
Auto tuning Nashville, Tennessee

Welcome to Nashville, welcome to Nashville
                    D                      A
I said, "Welcome to Nashville." Welcome to Nashville
           E                     A
Welcome to NashvillE, Nashville, Tennessee

Verse 2:
Now the DJ on the radio wants his payola
         D                                    A          
He won't play your record unless he gets that quota
         E/                        E/
He gonna make you play free shows, dress you up in pantyhose
E/       E/     E/        E/       E
Pimp you like a dirty ho, hold on, here we go

(Repeat Chorus)

Solo: A  D  A  E  A

Verse 3:
          A (let it ring)
Well, now kid we really like what it is you're playing (Sounds great)
        D (let it ring)                                  A (let it ring)
And you look like you sound good, if you know what we're saying (We love you)
But we're gonna change your image, change your style
Change your voice, change your smile
E/               E/            E/
Cut some outside songs and you can't go wrong
     E (let it ring)                               E (saw it then let it ring)
They don't offend nobody and they're three minutes long

(Repeat Chorus)

Now Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota
Alabama, Mississippi, Carolina, Manitoba
E/                 E/
Stay where you are play your local bar
       E/        E/           E/            E
You'll make more money, won't sleep in your car

(Repeat Chorus)


Welcome to Nashville
                A  D  E  A (saw the A til the end)
Nashville, Tennessee
Come on over here and sign on the line
Cause we gonna make you famous. Heh heh heh 
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