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Hayes Carll - Live Free Or Die (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (247) on 4/16/03 1 comment
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Live Free Or Die
By Hayes Carll

         D                  D7      G
Well I'm doiní ten to twenty in the frozen granite state
          D                   A
And every day I go to work to stamp our license plates
D          D7        G     
Everyday I go to work and every night I cry
            D                                A            D    D7
Cause every license plate I make tells me to live free or die

G                    D
Live free or die, oh lord tell me why
Canít they say seatbelts fastened or Oklahoma is OK
G                                             D
Vacation land sounds mighty great, I wouldnít mind stampin out the garden state
                           A             D 
Itís enough to make me cry, Live free or die

Well I didnít mean to shoot that man, why the gun just went off in my hand
I caught him with my wife and it cost that man his life
Iíd just got home from the factory and that man was sittiní where I'm supposed to be
Now heís up there in the sky and I'm stuck with live free or die


So let this be a lesson to all you married men out there
That patience is a virtue so make your plans with care
So if you catch your wife with another man, itís best to hold off as long as you can
Then shoot him in another state where they go a different license plate

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hayes capos on the 2nd fret and plays a C F G
-brewsky0095 | 9/18/2003
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