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Hayes Carll - Naked Checkers (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (75) on 9/21/03 1 comment
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Naked Checkers
Hayes Carll
Alternate chord diagrams:
B   -  799877
E9  -  X76777

Intro:  B  E9  B   F#9  E9  B 

You told your mama, you told your pa
Mama called the preacher, Daddy called the law
But itís alright, itís alright, 
E9                  B
everything gonna be OK
        F#9                    E9                B
We just wonít come on Christmas or any other holiday

You say behave yourself, Iíll say Iíll try
You say donít go out tonight
And I say why but itís okay, itís okay
Everythingís gonna be just fine
You can fall asleep in your bed honey, Iíll just lost and turn in mine
You makiní money honey, gonna be a star
I lie around all day and play guitar
But itís okay, itís okay
Everythingís gonna be alright
Iíll make breakfast every morniní sugar sing you lullabies at night
Well you like checkers, and I like chess
I like you naked, you like to dress
But itís okay, itís okay
Everythingís gonna be just fine
Every Friday, naked checkers, honey, I bet you beat me every time
Repeats 1st Verse

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Capo the 2nd and play a G C
-brewsky095 | 6/3/2004
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