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James McMurtry - Just Us Kids (Chord)
Submitter: jwramsden (8) on 12/13/09 3 comments
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James McMurtry-Just Us Kids
Album-Just Us Kids

Dm  C  F  Dm  C   F

Dm           C                 F
I've had enough of this small town bulls**t
Dm          C          F
I'm not stayin' in school
Dm             C              F
I'm makin' good dough workin' with my brother
Cleanin' out pools

I'm going out to California
And man it won't be long
As soon as I get my license
Color me gone

Oh knock it off Johnny
Man, your livin' in your head
You ain't even got a car
And those chicks don't believe a word ya said

But you're doin' all the talkin'
So I just keep quiet
And this'll probably go no where
But I can't blame ya for tryin'

C                     Bb                     F
It's just us kids hangin' round the park at night
C                     Bb                  F
Hangin' round 'neath the vapor light
C                     Bb                  F
We got no drugs and we got no guns
C                     Bb         F
Not even botherin' anyone

C  Bb  F  C  Bb  F

I don't have to wear a necktie
I don't have to punch a clock
I started up a dot com company
And man it rocks

Won't you come with me down to Mexico
In the winter with some friends
My divorce will be final
Along about then

Gm                                       Bb
Meanwhile I got a gram and a real good ride
Gm                                       Bb
And don't you know I hurt way down inside

Just us kids in the parking lot
Out here givin' it all we got
We don't want to get old and die
And there ain't nothing we wouldn't try

Gm                              Bb
Ya know we could really have it all
Gm                              Bb
Our kid's gonna graduate next fall
Gm                              Bb
I could take retirement in 10 years
Gm                              Bb
It's a damn short movie
Gm                              Bb
How'd we ever get here

Just us kids hangin' out today
Watchin' our long hair turnin' gray
Not so skinny maybe not so free
Not so many as we used to be

Repeat Last Chorus 2x:

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Try this out, C#m, B, E x3 with an A for the change.. The chorus is B, A, E, tell me im wrong.. the prechorus is a G#m and an A...
-sweetj | 11/9/2010
This tab is for no capo. Not sure if he uses one or not but your suggestion wouldn't work unless you use one.
-jwramsden | 10/26/2014
Just watched a video of Mcmurtry playing this song, he was capo'd on the 2
-flying2bill | 12/19/2014
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