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Jamey Johnson - In Color (Chord)
Album: That Lonesome Song (2008)
Submitter: denalitwinkie2s (6) on 9/17/07 32 comments
Month Views: 394 | Total Views: 174,722
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(Verse 1)
I said grandpa whats this picture here 
Its all black and white it aint real clear 
Is that you there? 
He said yeah i was 11 
Times were tough  back in '35 
Thats me and uncle Joe just tryin to survive 
    C                         G
A cotton farm in the great depression.

If it looks like we were scared to death 
        F                                       C
Like a couple of kids just trying to save each other 
You should've seen it in color.

(Verse 2)
Ohh and this one here was taken over seas 
In the middle of hell in 1943 
In the winter time you can almost see my breath 
That was my tail gunner ole Johnny Magee 
He was a high school teacher from new Orleans 
And he had my back right through the day we left.

If it looks like we were scared to death 
Like a couple of kids just trying to save each other 
You should've seen it in color.
A picture's worth a thousand words 
But you cant see what those 
shades of gray keep covered 
You should've seen it in color

(Verse 3)
This one is my favorite one. 
This is me and grandma in the summer sun 
All dressed up the day we said our vows. 
You can't tell it here but it was hot that June 
That rose was red and her eyes were blue 
And just look at that smile I was so proud. 

Em              D/F         C
      Thats the story of my life 
Em           D/F               C      D
      Right there in black and white

If it looks like we were scared to death 
Like a couple of kids just trying to save each other 
You should've seen it in color.
A picture's worth a thousand words 
But you cant see what those 
shades of gray keep covered 
You should've seen it in color
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
this song is great but try capo on #2 Fret
-mbrock2007 | 5/30/2008
great new song and great tab. but i agree, capo 2 is better
-wyopyro | 6/2/2008
Check your tuning. It is capo 3. I played this with Jamey about a year ago.
-denalitwinkie2s | 6/2/2008
Or just watch the video. It is plain to see he is playing on the third fret
-adam.demoss | 6/8/2008
Great song! Better than most of the crap
on the radio.
-WildCard76 | 6/18/2008
Agreed Wildcard! Thanks for the tab!
-barstoolfool1 | 6/23/2008
its capo on 3 ya'll who ever said 2 needs to tune their guitar every once in a while
-aaronwaynekelle | 6/26/2008
Anybody know his pick pattern and/or strumming for this song? Appreciate it a whole lot! Donald
-countryboydonal | 6/29/2008
Awesome!! Thanks for the tab. This is 100% played with the capo on the 3rd. It depends on how you sing. I can sing it better if it is capoed on the 2nd. But the way he plays it is on the third. They sound good either way. That is the beauty of a capo. Listen to Bluegrass. It's capo's everywhere.
-doxkman | 7/6/2008
I cannot believe that this song is STILL NOT in the top-30!!!!!!! Jessica Simpson,
Kid Rock, and that Hootie dude are all in
the top-30. How is it that non-country
acts can be in the country top-30, but a
TRUE country singer can't???????
-WildCard76 | 7/23/2008
I support those comments 100% Wildcard. It's the same thing up here in Canada
-saskcountry | 7/30/2008
I agree with you guys. This is one of the best written songs I have seen in a long time. I just played through it for the first time with the capo on 3 and it seems to fit me.

Thanks for the tab.
-BearkatCoach | 8/20/2008
Awesome tab. I've only been playing for a little less than a year so the F is still hard for me, but the song is great. I saw Jamey at the Bluebird last month and he was awesome. Everything he sang was great and the new album is great as well. As for why he can't get into the Top 30, well, I don't put too much faith in country radio for the most part.
-MattKiss45 | 8/22/2008
Great song, and nice job on the soundbyte. Are there two guitars there?
-whatchett | 8/23/2008
I completely agree with all of you guys. I have completely lost faith in all country radio. Every artist i've found that struggles to make it on to country radio has been head over heels better than most of the "pop country" singers you see today
-hurleyj07 | 8/31/2008
can someone tell me what the pickin order is for the verses of this song?
-nasrace10 | 8/31/2008
even though this may not be "recording"correct, I can sing this song better (singer I am!) if I put a capo on 1 and play A,G,D. and in the bridge go to F# or F#7? , E,D. It's not the way it was recorded ,but, it keeps me from squealing! lol!
-PVANDIVER | 9/1/2008
oh yea great tab denalitwinkie2s ! thanks!
-PVANDIVER | 9/1/2008
Awesome song no matter how you play it reminds me of all the times i spent with my grandpa listening to his old war stories just reminds me of how much i really miss him... And just as long as you don't Crack & and go out of Key while your singing it....Play it how it's more comfortable for you
-DaleJrFan83 | 9/3/2008
One of the best country songs I've heard in a while.
-Korry | 9/20/2008
yeah i agree i also have been playing for about a year. i know what your talking about the f chord is a little different but if your going from f to c just cheat on the f. 1st fret 5th string second fret 4th string and 3rd fret 3rd string. then its easy to change to c cause you can just move the top two fingers up..
-beer_tab84 | 9/24/2008
hey man great tab! just a few suggestions to try out though. on the bar F try playing a non bar F with your pinky on high E string third fret. if you watch the acctual video it looks like that's what he is playing. and also try on the bridge try just a plain ol D chord instead of the D/F chord I think it sounds better myself. just a suggestion
-Gambitx88 | 10/4/2008
Not only is this a great song but Jamey is a pretty good guy, and likewise Trace Adkins. Jamey gave this song to Trace before he got his record deal. When Trace found out Jamey got a deal, he gave it back to him to record. Now that's COUNTRY.
-dannysings | 10/14/2008
Where exactly did you hear that??? There's no giving the song back......Jamey wrote it and can record it whenever he wants to.
-denalitwinkie2s | 10/14/2008
love this song good job on chords.
-matt3125 | 10/22/2008
I heard the story about the song swap from Nashville reporter Jimmy Carter on Kicks radio in Atlanta.
-dannysings | 10/24/2008
i play music for a living and we goof off and cover a few. honestly this is probably the best song ever written. it holds sentimental value to anyone who has ever truly listened. if your going to cover it give it everything you've got and play it however you can to get the words across. third fret is correct and just let it hang in the wind. this is truly a wonderful song no matter how it is played.
-midnightslider | 11/2/2008
this song reminds me of when i was a kid growing up. i always tear up! they don't write em like that much anymore.
-justagoodoleboy | 12/26/2008
What gets me bout this song is when he talks bout him in WW2. Thanks to all those US Veterans out there cause without yall who knows what America would be like today. God Bless Our Troops!
-gonefishing1385 | 1/31/2009
ACM song of the year....'nuff said...GREAT SONG!
-chucksmith | 4/12/2009
People its capo 3 standard tuning right along with the recorded version this is 100% correct!
-rainaomaha | 12/5/2009
My band played this song live at a bar last night, Capo 3 worked great for my vocal range. capo however works best for your range. Great Job Tabbing This Song. Thanx
-MarlboroMann2008 | 6/9/2010
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