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Jason Boland - Hard Times Are Relative (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (460) on 2/5/17 3 comments
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Hard Times Are Relative
By Jason Boland
Written by Jason Boland
CD: Not released on a CD 
Tabbed by Larry Mofle

Requested by: eyeeatdogs on 2/4/2017

Tabbed from -

     C         F         G                  C 
Just me and my sister, a dog and a piece of land
   C                F                                 G
My sisterís name is Darlene and the dog is called Cheyenne
    F                  G                    C           F
Our folks both passed away last fall in the fire at the mill
   F           C              G           C
We get by on a garden and whatever we can kill

On the land there stands a cabin that our grandfather built
When Iím away to hunt, I feel overrun with guilt
Cause Darleneís all alone except for the dog and awful dreams
Sheís seven years my younger and Iím only seventeen

   F                C           F              C
We need to fill the smokehouse, winters coming on
  C       C/B   Am          F                G
I know it isnít easy, since mom and dad been gone
F               C            F               Am  
We will keep on growing, two branches of the tree
C              F                G        C
Hard times are relative when it comes to family

In the morning I was off before the sun had kissed the ridge
Whistling new Jimmy Rogers tune as I crossed the coal train bridge
Two good days of hunting and an evening all alone
Iíll quarter up what I take down then pack it all back home

My head up in the clouds walking on uneven ground
My boots slipped out beneath me and I came a crashing down
To the entrance of a cavern, its walls all were wet with moss
My rifle up there on the ledge said hope was looking lost


Three nights nearly frozen, my head filled up with doubt
No matter how hard I tried there was no climbing out
I yelled for help then prayed the same and even yelled some prayers
Tears fell at the thought of Darlene with no one there

My mind began to flutter, like the wings of a dove
Coulda sworn that I was dreaming when Darlene appeared above
She lowered down a rope then tied it to a blackjack tree
Cheyenne had found my drag rack trail and brought her straight to me


As proud as any father of this fearless little one
Caring for a homestead while most kids are having fun
Smiling on the way back home there were no words I could say
Till we stopped to dress the 10 point buck she had shot along the way 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Perfect as usual. Thanks Larry!
-eyeeatdogs | 2/9/2017
When you request a song, not only are they artists I like and listen to but you put the lyrics in the request - that is why I get yours done so quick! :)


-lmofle | 2/11/2017
I am becoming a fan of Jason Boland's sound. "Down Here On Earth" and "Blowing The Hills" are fantastic songs.
-WildCard76 | 2/11/2017
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