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Jason Boland - They Took It Away (Chord)
Submitter: chouston03 (2) on 9/6/13 1 comment
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'They Took It Away'
By: Jason Boland & The Stragglers
Album: Dark & Dirty Mile

Intro:   G  D  A  Bm  G  D  A  D 

Verse 1:
   D                      A     D
My kin come to Texas from Tennessee 
          G          A         D
With Davy Crockett a long time ago
D                        A         D
     I guess it's pretty lucky for me
            Em               G    A  G 
They didn't all go to the Alamo
They fought to make Texas free
         Em                G    A  G  
From the armies of Old Mexico
They must have thought it was something to be 
     Em                        G      A  G 
In a land where a family could grow

                 D    G                D   
So they took it away     they took it away again
G                              D
     I wonder what those brave women and men 
            Em              G       A  G 
Would do if they came back around
What would they say 
G                             D
     About the way everything has been
G                            D
     I don't think they were trying to win  
           Em                 G       A  D 
A place to put poison in the ground

Verse 2:
      D          A        D
Now I live on an Oklahoma hill 
         G            A       D
It ain't Texas but it used to be
D                        A        D
     Back before Jackson signed a deal 
           Em          G      A  G 
To make it Indian Territory
In the winter that was freezin' cold 
     Em               G     A  G 
They marched the Cherokee 
In the land rush the settlers stole 
      Em                    G    A  G 
every place that they could be 	 

Chorus 2: 
              D    G                D
They took it away     they took it away again
G                                D
     They had the sword and they had the pen
           Em                 G      A  G 
Worse than Spaniards come for gold
              D    G                D
They took it away     they took it away again
G                        D
     Now they poison the lakes and the lands
           Em                G       A  D 
That their great grandfather stole

Break:   G  D  G  D  G  D  Em  G  D 

Verse 3: 
D                          A           D
     Something happened in between the time 
       G            A      D
It was home for the outlaw man
D                            A        D
     And this time I like to think is mine 
              Em                    G      A  G 
Is just where all the oil money has been
How can anybody make a meal
          Em                   G      A  G 
From what they can't afford to grow
What's going to be left to steal 
           Em               G       A  G 
When there are no more free souls

Chorus 3:
              D    G                D
They took it away     they took it away again 
G                         D
     How much time do you have to spend 
        Em                  G    A  G 
Just to get them to let you be
         D    G           D
Take it away     take it away again
G                        D             Em          G
     I always want to be livin' in the land of the free 
    A           D
The land of the free!

Enjoy! Any corrections are appreciated. 
- C.Houston 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
You nailed it! Great job!
-rawdawg32 | 9/16/2013
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