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Jason Eady - AM Country Heaven (Chord)
Album: AM Country Heaven (2012)
Submitter: lmofle (236) on 7/17/11 2 comments
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AM Country Heaven
By Jason Eady
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Capo 2

Youtube video was used to get this tab - video embedded to this tab

Well they sing about Jesus, they sing about Jones
         F                C
And they sing of American pride 
But they're all to damn clean, polished like stones
         D7              G           C 
And they wont sing about cheatin and lies

Well i remember the days when the singers just sang
            F                       C
And left it all in the stories they tell
These days we're in AM country heaven
    G          C
And FM country hell

I miss the days when the women were ugly
And the men were all forty years old
Cause you had to say something for people to listen
Now they just do what they're told

Well it's all about idols and pretty blonde hair
And how many trucks you can sell
Out here in AM country heaven
And FM country hell

     F                           C
Well out on these back roads the only real truth that I know
G                   C
Don't cross the radio band
   F                           C
It cuts thru the static like a chill in the air
        D                          G  
Well it fades out then comes back again
Well i dont mean to sound jaded because I know there are plenty 
      F                        C
Young singers who arent up for sale
            F               C
But they're all stuck in AM country heaven
    G          C 
And FM country hell

Key change to D

Well i knew it was over the day that i overheard
  G                 D
A record execuctive cry
"Keep it all simple, dont get offensive 
         E7                          A  
And dont play songs in three quarter time." 
Well mister record man I hope you dont take offense
             G                    D
But you're a hell of a joke i can tell
           G                  D
You're the reason we're in AM country heaven
    A          D
And FM country hell 


Yeah they're all stuck in AM country heaven

and FM country hell 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I'm not sure if it's how he plays it or not, but I play this song better if I start in D (like your verse 2) and switch to E. Just my opinion but I thought it may help someone else.

Also... rarely have I agreed with a song more than this one. Nashville = Music Hell.
-bmanor88 | 5/14/2013
I just discovered Jason through this song. Thanks for charting it out, and thank you Jason for singing the best song I've heard in a long time.
-joedwright | 10/15/2014
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