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Jason Isbell - If It Takes A Lifetime (Chord)
Album: Something More Than Free (2015)
Submitter: lmofle (447) on 7/18/15
Month Views: 113 | Total Views: 58,795
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If It Takes A Lifetime
By Jason Isbell
Written By Jason Isbell
CD: Something More Than Free (2015)
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Edit 9/20/15: Finally revisited this and sure enough, to get a closer sound, he
is capo 7 in D. I am changing this tab to reflect that. You can still play capo 2 
with G Cadd9 and D

Capo 7

I been workin' here 
Monday it'll be a year
      D                D/F#                    G
and I can't recall the day when I didn't want to disappear
But I keep on showin' up
Hell bent on growin' up
              G      D A D
If it takes a lifetime

I'm learnin' how to be alone
Fall asleep with the TV on
And I fight the urge to live inside my telephone
I keep my spirits high
Find happiness by and by
If it takes a lifetime

Chorus 1:
      G                            D  
I got too far from my raisin', I forgot where I come from 
        D                               A  
And the line between right and wrong was so fine
       D                   D/F#            G             D
Well I thought the highway loved me but she beat me like a drum
   D             A            G      D
My day will come if it takes a life - time

I don't keep liquor here
Never cared for wine or beer
And workin' for the county keeps me pissin' clear
The nights are dry as dust 
And I'm lettin' my eyes adjust
If it takes a lifetime

Chorus 1

Em Bm Em G D A

Man is a product of
All the people that he ever loved
And it don't make a difference how it ended up
If I loved you once, my friend
Well I can do it all again
If it takes a lifetime

Chorus 2:
We got too far from our raisin' and we fought till we went numb
You were runnin' up a mountain in your own mind
And I thought that I was runnin' to what I was runnin' from
Our day will come if it takes a lifetime

Our day will come if it takes a lifetime
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