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Jason Isbell - To A Band That I Loved (Chord)
Album: Something More Than Free (2015)
Submitter: lmofle (466) on 7/19/15 3 comments
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To A Band I Loved
By Jason Isbell
Written By Jason Isbell
CD: Something More Than Free (2015)
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

I hear the chorus' with slightly different chords so I showed them both

Bm/A# - X14432

       D        D/C#      Bm  
Though everyone tried to ignore us
     D               D/C#     Bm
We'd scared them all off by the chorus
          G             D 
There you stood looking proud
         G           D            A 
What was left of the crowd at our show
      Bm Bm/A          G    
I was 22  backwoods years old

You were singing that night by yourself
And I thought I was the only one left
From an old Southern town
New ideas bouncing 'round in my head
And I thought everyone like me was dead

    Bm         Bm/A#       Bm/A      G  
And somehow you put down my fears on a page
     D           D/C#      Bm
When I still had nothing to say
      G          D
How I miss you today
        G             D             A 
May you find what you gave all that hope
          Bm         Bm/A       G
Somewhere down at the end of your rope

Now I know you'll be fine on your own
And your family's all need you at home
And the dream was just smoke
At least you all got the joke off the bat
You were alright with that

Chorus 2:
    Bm          Bm/A#          Bm/A      E7  
And somehow I'm still out here burning my days
     D               D/C#       Bm 
Your voice makes the miles melt away
        G             D/C#
I'll be guarding your place
       G             D          A   
In the lights on the stage of my heart
              Bm       Bm/A       G 
I guess we're all still finding our heart


Chorus 3 (same chords as Chorus 1):
And somehow I'm still out here seeing your faces
In likely and unlikely places
Somewhere playing too loud
Or in whats left of the crowd at our show
Hanging out when it's past time to go

Hanging out when it's past time to go

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
And your families all need you at home,
and the dream was just smoke.....

. . . .

In likely and unlikely places,
somewhere playing too loud....

. . . . .

I really enjoyed this tab. Kinda hard for me to make that x14432 chord. Thanks for the tab. Hope you add more from Something More Than Free, especially Children of Children and The Life You Chose. I'll check back soon!!
-Tater | 7/20/2015
Thanks for the lyrics! If you want those other songs done, get me some lyrics, please :) If you think playing the Bm/A# is hard, imagine "finding" it when I was tabbing. Actually, it wasn't too bad since I followed the bass line.
-lmofle | 7/21/2015
I heard this beautiful song on the radio today. If you capo on 2nd fret and play in C I think it becomes much easier to play.
-jelco1 | 10/7/2015
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