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Jerry Jeff Walker - Hill Country Rain (Chord)
Submitter: dhs64 (2) on 3/23/06 1 comment
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Hill Country Rain
by Jerry Jeff Walker

Sometimes I just wake up hummin
F                          C
Feelin like this world is right
F                                C
Want to jump right up and take a walk outside
and take in the morning light
F                      G
Feel the music running through me.
Makes me want to dance
Clap my hands and dance

Sometimes it just takes my lady
F                        C
To smile and make my day complete
And when shes touching me
I feel free and easy to be me
Am                   F          G
Lucky to be alive  -  Feelin alright
F                                 C
Take a walk outside  -  Feelin alright

C           Am
People they tell me
F    G         C
I m living to fast
C              Am
Slow down now, Jerry, boy
F   G            C
Let some of life pass
    F       G             C
But I dont know no other way
F      G              C
Got to live it day to day
     F    G             C
But  if I die before my time
       Bb                F         C
When I leave Im leaving nothing behind
                  Bb            F            C
Oh no, its just another single grape on the vine

       F          C 
Cause Ive got a feeling
F                        C
Something that I cant explain
F            C
Like dancing naked
        Bb        F        C
In that high hill country rain

I aint worried bout tomorrow
F                      C
Ill get by the best I can
Lovin is my will to live
F                          G
It makes me laugh, want to sing and dance
F                                           C
Clap your hands, take a chance, come on and dance
Do do do do - do do do do (repeat 3xs)
Bb                     C
Do do do do - do do do do

Repeat chorus twice 
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I love this song! It is the best i've ever heard, Martina's vioce really touched my heart.
-GuitarGal415 | 12/22/2005
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