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Jim Lauderdale - Sandy Ford (Chord)
Album: Headed for the Hills (2004)
Submitter: lmofle (416) on 9/23/14
Month Views: 21 | Total Views: 2,720
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Sandy Ford
By Jim Lauderdale
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

This was requested of me to tab in 2011 on a private message. It took
me this long to find an online version of the song. If you want to drop
the capo and transpose, it starts in Dm

Here's where I tabbed it from:

Capo 5

Railroad bridge is washing down the gorge at Sandy Ford
          C                                Dm             E
Where you stand there on the shoreline, oh will you come aboard
Come aboard
This might be the last ketch running, might not be no more
           C                             Dm     E
While they bloody up the water upstream, making civil war
Civil war

C           Am   C               Am
Oh, Barbara Lee, reckon I got to go
Dm         C        E        Am
Across Carolina and points below

By the time tobacco's ripe and ready to be dried
They might come and catch me if I've got no place to hide
Place to hide
If I am rested I might have join the war
One side or another, I may see your face no more
Face no more




This is my faithful promise which I make of my free will
I may point my gun and fire but I won't shoot to kill
Shoot to kill
I'll keep your picture with me, right here near my heart
Inside this leather notebook, thick enough to stop a dart
Stop a dart

Dm                             C
Follow in the footsteps of the wind
      Dm                           C
As it rolls east to west and back again
Treat me like a stranger if I ever cross your door
Dm                              E       Am
Another faceless soldier in the time of civil war

I know you don't love me but you could if you took time
I got a face like Lincoln, and if ugly was a crime
Was a crime
They'd lock me up and throw away the key down clear to hell
But I got a disposition sweet as April in the dell
In the dell


Sugar in the sugar bin and honey in the hive
I do what I have to do in order to survive
To survive
What they do in civil war, in peacetime they call crime
Climb inside my dream of love and pray for better times
Better times


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