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Jimmy Buffett - Boat Drinks (Chord)
Album: Volcano (1979)
Submitter: Rondo Fondu (10) on 3/31/05 1 comment
Month Views: 32 | Total Views: 10,790
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Boat Drinks
Jimmy Buffett

Intro:  D  G A D  G A

A    D
Boat drinks
G           A            D
Boys in the band ordered boat drinks
G        A                 D
Visitors scored on the home rink
G          A           D       G  A 
Everything seems to be wrong

A    D  G             A               D      
Lately  newspapers mentioned cheap airfare
G       A              D
I gotta fly to St. Somewhere
G            A        D
I'm close to bodily harm

20 degrees and the hockey game's on
Nobody cares, they're way too far gone, screaming
Boat drinks, something to keep 'em all warm

This morning I shot six holes in my freezer
I think I've got cabin fever
Somebody sound the alarm

  Fmaj7                       C
     I'd like to go where the pace of life's slow
               G                      C
     Could you beam me somewhere, Mr. Scott?
  Fmaj7                     C
     Any old place here on Earth or in space
   E              F#m7        A    G        F#m   A
     You pick the century and I'll pick the spot

But I know I should be leaving this climate
I've got a verse but can't rhyme it
I gotta go where it's warm

Boat drinks
Waitress, I need two more boat drinks
Then I'm heading south 'fore my dream shrinks
I gotta go where it's warm  (I gotta go where it's)
I gotta go where it's warm  (I gotta go where it's)
I gotta go where it's WARM!

G       A              G         A 
I gotta go where there ain't any snow
            G         A               G            A
Where there ain't any blow, 'cause my fin sinks so low
G       A             D
I gotta go where it's warm
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Good one well done!!!
-aussief | 4/2/2010
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