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Joe Nichols - Brokenheartsville (Tab)
Album: Brokenheartsville (2003)
Submitter: Shantel (12) on 1/2/03 16 comments
Month Views: 11 | Total Views: 23,592
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This is the main lead riff in the intro and fills throughout the song.
The part in the middle is really fast, listen to the soundbyte for timing.

/ = slide up   p = pulloff

With no capo play it like this:


If you want to leave the capo on (as in my chord tab) play it
like this: (just ignore the capo when counting up the frets)


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I am positive that the intro tab here is not correct the middle is off
with the slide and pull off.
-codymarshall | 1/9/2003
The pulloffs go really fast, it sounds kinda like a big slide,
I'll try to get a soundbyte up.
-Shantel | 1/11/2003
I have posted a new tab which is the same notes as the first one
but in a different fret board position that is a lot easier to
play. I should have done it like that in the first place. :o)
I just played it to the CD and I'm sure that it is the same notes
they are playing, there are many ways to play them but compare
it to the soundbyte and see what you think. It does sound better
in that other position. I don't know why I did it the hard

-Shantel | 1/24/2003
what are the chords for brokenheartsville without a capo????
-jwky8918 | 3/22/2003
This site sucks!!!! I can't even get a printable version of this song.
Good job on the tabbing though :)
-fonzie | 6/23/2003
Fonzie, uh....if on that "printable version"

thingy at the top of the page, well.... uh..... it's just a thought.
-heyitskane | 8/28/2003
uhh...PRINTABLE VERSION...clear as day
-TGcountry | 12/7/2003
this tab is great. nice job bro
-cowboy78 | 12/29/2003
to print it just hit control c when ure on the page with the tab u
want to print and the go to notepad on your computer and right click
in the blank space and hit paste then print it.
-playboy669420 | 7/21/2004
I'm not a paying memeber and I have no problem using the printable version. This tab is right on
-truecountry | 8/29/2004
Thanks Kane, I appreciate that.
Either he didn't understand the
rating system or he thought he was funny...
-JoeWallace | 2/8/2004
How do you hear the soundbyte?
-pollofrito | 4/23/2005
I think you have to have a premium membership for it to appear.
-Shantel | 4/25/2005
i dont no what everyone else is talkin about but your tabs both are really good!
-Derek_Cave99 | 6/23/2005
anyone who thinks this song is off, obviously doesn't know how to play guitar well enough to b tryin to play this song. try something a little easier. And anyone who can't print this than u obviously can't use a computer... but anyways great tab. sounds awesome
-JLino | 12/8/2005
This might or might not be a stupid question, but what fret do you put the capo on?
-guitardano | 1/11/2006
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